Monday, September 10, 2007


blessed with a BFP!
oh my gosh! I am 11 dpo, and I got a bfp! I am shaking. I am so excited! I cant believe it. I temped this morning. slept the whole night peacefully until 4:30. I temped, and that is an hour early, so I knew it was not accuarate. So I thought, what the heck, I will temp, peace of mind. And the first test, answer brand; came up light pink before the test was even done! then I tested with a cheap dollar store one. that was inconclusive.
I went to walmart. Bought a CBE-digital, baby big that says our little tiger, and a easter basket.
Tested on the digitla, it says PREGNANT!
So, I put the bibs in the basket, with the test that says pregnant in it too. Placed it on the toilet and waiting for Chris to wake.
WOW, I feel so blessed.

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