Monday, September 10, 2007

Blogger I am!

I made the switch. I had an online diary, and I just copied and pasted all those entries over. I dont want to loose the data from my baby making crazed days, or my early pregnancy days.

Why are some people so persistant about some things? For example, you give a friend a new recipe..... do you call them weekly to ask if they tried it yet? NO! You give it to them, and maybe a month later you might ask. You dont stay on thier case about it and call them every few days. Layoff you persistant folk. Mention it once, and LET IT GO!


Anonymous said...

I am really enjoying this. Makes me want to be pregnant again with all your complaining! haha Some days, like today, I wish my children would climb back in! UGH! It's days like this I wonder how our mother never just dropped us off on a dirt road and left us there for the wolves to play with! I mean really! The only kind of online thing I do is myspace but I haven't really blogged on it yet. I should, to help with stress but I am tring to take up running for that...can you see it? Me, running! hahahahahahahaha!

Sarah said...

Wait, which house did you grow up in? I was dropped off on the side of the road at least once while mom drove over the hill and let us cry. I swear you were there too! The wolves never got us that time- but that doesnt mean she wasnt wishing. LOL

Hmm... maybe I should blog about my pregnancy these days. I am actually enjoying it these days and I wake up freaked out because I dont feel knocked up. First tri sucked, but 2nd isnt so bad. I best hurry about and blog about the good old days of pregnancy before they go away....