Saturday, March 28, 2009

an ER visit

Yeah, we jumped the gun on going to the ER- but we get really freaked out about high fevers! Late yesterday, B had a 101.5ish fever- and he was clingy. that was ab0ut it. From my previous posts, you may remember that we are on 2nd treatment for sinus infection too. So we were just baffled by his fever. Motrin helped bring it down. He went to bed ok, and at 1am he woke up HOT. He was 103.9- then he started vomiting (on daddy). We gave him motrin, but that wasnt really staying in his system- so about an hour later his fever was still 103.9 so off to the ER we went.

They gave him for meds, and his fever went down. His ears were clear, his throat looked good, and his boogies were clear and watery. His tummy felt fine and he giggled while the doctor poked and prodded it. By the time we left he was dancing!!!

The nurse (who was probably late 50's) made us feel really bad for bringing him in. The dr. who has 3 kids and 1 is Brady's age was totally understanding why we were there. The nurse blamed the fever on teething. Maybe she knows more then me.... but 103.9 and teething? maybe 99.9 and teething....... I digress. (the place was empty, the nurses were all sitting around, I dont feel bad!)

Home we went, where Brady was so clingy to me. He wanted me to walk around with him, everytime I stopped or tried sittig down with him he cried and cried. After about an hour I was able to sit with him and he fell asleep on me. Today he is still clingy, but better. We are keeping him medicated.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mind over Matter!

I hope this goes ok, it's my first video post! this video is of B taking his antibiotic for his sinus infection. We have always fought him to take his meds, and it has been a PIMA! our ass actually, not just mine because it took 2 of us to get him to take it! Right now we are on round 2 of medication, so like day 13. A few days into fighting with him we started clapping like maniacs when we gave B his meds- even though he was screaming and fighting us. A few days later he started clapping to, and now he excitedly takes his meds.

Check out the video, and be sure and watch him cringe as he is clapping- this one is really really nasty tasting!

Chris and I decided we are professional parents for helping our 15mo old overcome his hatred for meds. ****pats own back**** we're figuring out this parenting thing. ;-)

TMI, but so funny!

What a strange co-incidence! Last time we were TTC it took awhile. Just before we found out we were prego Chris placed an order on then we found out we were prego, and the fun stuff shipped! The exact same thing happened again! These were the only 2 times we have ordered too! hahaha!

just had to share! maybe if and when we go for #3 we will try this method again. ;-)

ok, we can now officially share now!

We were gonna wait a few months, but Chris again couldnt contain himself! So we have told the parents and siblings, so now we can really spread the news!

the post listed below this one, I wrote it last week, but waited to publish it till now.

We are still so excited!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Prego with #2!

Chris and I are just thrilled! We have been wanting to start TTC again, and on the first cycle we were surprised to see a positive HPT! I tested sunday and monday 3/15 and 3/16 and they wre both negative. Then on 3/17 it was positive. I put the tests in the same little basket that I put the tests when I found out I was prego with Brady. Chris was so excited too. I see the doctor in a few weeks, then we should know the due date. Thinking it is late November. So far I am feeling well.

Monday, March 16, 2009

family shopping trip

Chris wanted to go shopping in Appleton yesterday, so we went! Chris wanting to shop is rare. Eventually we made it out the door, but about 5 miles down the road Brady pushed in the nipple of his bottle and poured 6 oz of milk all over himslef! and he was SO CUTE. Hope we went, cleaned up and away again.

Brady was an angel while we shopped! Perfect angel. It was such a good experience. So he got french fries for the trip home.

Dad splurged and got him swim trunks at the gap. I love the gap socks, so I picked out some. Really, it was just a ncie family day!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Good Boys!

I love getting out the door with Brady lately! Since he was born he has watched me grab a treat and say "Oliver, Kennel" and put Oliver away for the day just before we walk out the door. Olivers treats always come from the fridge and are a peice of ham, or hot dog, something like that. In the last couple weeks when I say "Oliver, Kennel", both the boys, Oliver and Brady" come running to the fridge, I give brady the treat and they both run to the kennel. Oliver runs in, brady gives him the treat and I close the kennel door. It makes my heart so happy! I usually always say "good boys!".

Chris saw it this morning, and when we finally get our video camera we will be sure and post this cuteness!

Monday, March 9, 2009

He says Thank You!

Brady is so polite and cute! He says Thank you about 200 times a day. I was so happy to hear that he said Thank You before he said "no". :-) He wonders around the house picking up things, and handing them to me and we both say "thank you" and smile. He tries to be helpful too. He likes to help put stuff in the dryer and wash machine. Even take things out of the dryer and put them in the basket.

He is also starting to prefer to use a fork and a spoon! His plate even stayed on his tray for once! He is growing up so fast. I've got some cute pictures to post of my bigboy, maybe after friday when I finally get high speed!!!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brady sleeps on the floor!

The last couple weeks, Brady has been ~sleeping like a baby~ on the floor. (funny phrase that is really...... because I have never experienced the whole sleeping like a baby thing with B). He HATES his crib, and screams bloody murder while in it. I am sort of blaming it on us trying CIO? dont know what the deal is, but since then his crib is bad news.

So we made a bed for him on the floor, and he goes to sleep like a rock star with out a fight at night, and has been sleeping all night long almost every night in the last 2 weeks.

I think we are gonna put his mattress on the floor next. Seems kind of pointless to fight a 14 month old back into his crib when the natural transition is heading towards a big boy bed. He seems so young, but what we are doing is working.