Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Brady sleeps on the floor!

The last couple weeks, Brady has been ~sleeping like a baby~ on the floor. (funny phrase that is really...... because I have never experienced the whole sleeping like a baby thing with B). He HATES his crib, and screams bloody murder while in it. I am sort of blaming it on us trying CIO? dont know what the deal is, but since then his crib is bad news.

So we made a bed for him on the floor, and he goes to sleep like a rock star with out a fight at night, and has been sleeping all night long almost every night in the last 2 weeks.

I think we are gonna put his mattress on the floor next. Seems kind of pointless to fight a 14 month old back into his crib when the natural transition is heading towards a big boy bed. He seems so young, but what we are doing is working.


Sarah R said...

You gotta do whatever works! I'm glad he is sleeping so well now. :)

The Ratcliff's said...

sweet! glad its working out. we did CIO at 3 months and it worked great. its very hard!

im considering going to the toddler bed at the end of this year. or maybe wait till next year when we consider adding #2 to our fam. not sure.