Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lovely timing

Chris works for the city street department. He does blasting occassionally. And sometimes people hire the city to do blasting work. Which is what just happened. A cranberry marsh about 20 minutes out of town hired the city to do blasting for them. They have about 2 weeks worth of work.

Normally, Chris works within the city. Close to home. He doesnt have a cell, but I can call the garage, and they can get a message to him quickly. At this job site he will be hard to contact. He got a phone number for the marsh manager, I can try that number if I go into labor. I know the name of the marsh, and I can call the city garage if I gotta get ahold of him. Worse case scenario, I will call the county police! LOL. He is driving his own truck tot he job site too. So once he gets the message, he should have about an hour to the hospital. (vs. 20 minutes to his truck, then an hour to the hospital) So, we put all out stuff in the truck this morning!

The hospital we are delivering at is in the town I work in. About an hour from home. Just yesterday my boss asked if I would be more comfortable working from home. Not anymore! I am better off at work, in the town where I will be deliverying my baby. Rather then at home with Chris a long ways away hard to get ahold of. We dont know many people that are home during the day either.

Things will work out.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Ready to meet Baby!

Now we sit and play the waiting game. When will baby come? How will it happen? I hope my water just breaks. Then there is no question I am in labor. For some reason I worry that I wont know, or wont know when to go to hospital.

I think things are progressing. Almost 4 weeks ago the baby started dropping into my pelvis. In the last couple days I have been losing parts of my mucus plug. Very gross, but still progress. The Dr. thinks baby will be here within a week, or 2 at most. So, before my EDD of Dec. 14. I don't want to put out of my mind that baby might be here later... just so I am not disapointed, or angry when baby isnt here before my EDD.

My mind is so consumed in baby this, and baby that these days.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Black Friday Shopping

Normally on the day after Thanksgiving, I am out shopping as soon as the doors open. I have each store planned out, I run and grab what I need and get to the checkouts pretty darn fast! Then off to then next store.

Yesterday Chris took me shopping. I woke before 6 (stores open at 6! some earlier!) and he woke about 6:45. We made it to Target at 7:30 (normally I am back home from shopping at 7:30!), where the lines were SO long for checkouts that we left and did some other shoppping and came back. We were stilll able to get the stuff we wanted. We barely bought any gifts yesterday... more so stuff for us that was a great deal.

It was nice having him join me this year in the shopping... just different way of shopping. We are enjoying our 4 day weekend together. After shopping yesterday we layed around watching movies and napping! Today we are going to clean the house. Hopefully go to the grocery store too!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

A fellow pregger, due about the same time as me, pointed out that this will be our last holiday of just Chris and I. Because we are having this baby, our lives will never be the same.

I have to do a "what am I thankful for list!". Just have to!
1. I am so thankful to be starting a family. We have been wanting this for a couple years now, so we are thrilled things are finally falling into place and happening.

2. Christpher. He's a really good husband. Oh, yes, he has faults! (we wont go there right now) But I think we are a perfect pair. He has helped me out so much during this pregnancy, and I am so greatful for that!

3. My family. They are all fabulous! Supportive and understanding. Right there to help me/us anytime we need it!

4. My friends. Most are distant, but I love that we are staying in touch. We have a few nearby friends too who are there for us for anything we ask.

5. My job. I am finishing up season 4 here. I still like coming to work each day. I love the variety of things I do, and it is rewarding. I am greatful to go to a workplace that I enjoy.

I have plenty to be thankful for this holiday season!

Monday, November 19, 2007

to hope, or to hope not?

Chris's deer hunting tags are all filled! Usually he will hunt the last weekend anyway. I asked him this morning if he was still going to hunt this weekend or not. He said he would rather stay home then hunt! yay! I am so excited. He has been away the last 3 weekends, and 10 days in the month of november hunting. I am so ready for him to stay home with me.

So... do I hope we go into labor REALLY soon since we have this time off together and what better thing to be doing then bonding with baby? Or do I hope we don't go in to labor REALLY soon so we can have this great long weekend together... just the 2 of us?

Mom's, close your ears!

I just have to blog about pregnant sex! I envy you preggers out there that can continue to have a normal sex life. Prior to being pregnant, everyone said..... "just wait till you can have pregnant sex, it is so great"... or "she will want to do it non-stop!". Ummm, ok.

For the first 16 weeks, I had morning sickness. Between the nausea and exhaustion... there was no sex going on! Then from about week 17- 27ish..... my belly was getting bigger and Chris found that to be a big distraction. Knowing that his baby was in there freaked him out. Of course, I was scared the baby would get hurt too. Chris was petrified of getting kicked with his hand on my belly... so that freaked him too. During this last trimester- my WHOLE body hurts! I find the fat rolls on my ankles so unattractive! Simply moving is difficult enough. UGH, sex... why bother!

Now we are getting down to the last few weeks, and the thought that we cant have sex for around 6 weeks after baby comes makes us want to have sex. We will see what happens....

Friday, November 16, 2007

rifle deer season time

I shipped off Chris yet again to go hunting. This time MUCH closer then 10 hours away! He will be just 1.5 hours from me... and about 2 hours from the hospital if need be. As much as I want to go hunting, laying around sounds much better to me for the weekend.

For the first time since I went to Europe in 2000 I am not hunting. I have been going since I was somewhere between 12 or 14. Not sure the exact age, but if you ask my dad he will remember my first time hunting with him..... we just got into the tree stand, and I felt sick! Excited? nerves? Dont know, but I thought I was gonna yak! Of course I couldnt leave the tree, so I put my head down and rested for a while.

Hunting to me is time with Chris, my dad, my brothers. At hunting camp the guys do all the cooking! It is great. Hopefully the grandma's can do some baby sitting in the future so I can still do a little hunting. I hope our kids, both boys and girls, will enjoy hunting too.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I hope I dont get it!

Everyone at work is sick! There is all sort of junk going around, and I am so scared I am gonna get it. My days are already difficult and long, add being sick on top of it..... NO!!! I have completely dried my hands out with antibactieral hand sanitizer. Hope the weekend comes and everyone gets better and I dont get it!

Started packing my hospital bag last night. I have a list of what I need to buy (very small list!) and a list of what I need to pack that I use day to day. I still have to pack my coming home outfit too. The little bit of paperwork that needed to be filled out is done too. We did not hang the nursery decor last night..... hopefully tonight!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1 month till our EDD!

Crazy, that it is just one month to our due date. Baby will probably be here 2-6 weks from now!

My appointment was nice yesterday, I asked lots of questions about my pain and problems. They are so helpful. They asked lots of questions too. My Dr. said my blood pressure is great, and my weight gain is ~perfect~. He likes to say that. The baby's head is down.... way down (but I already knew that!) and the doctor doesnt think the baby is huge. Average to just above average size. He gave me permission to start wishing the baby out at 37 weeks. So! Thanksgiving day I start wishing the baby out! I would much perfer the baby in my arms these days!

I hurt a lot this morning. So I snuggled up with Chris instead of getting ready for work. The baby wasnt really moving till Chris's hand was on my belly. I thought that was cute. He liked it too.

When I got home from work last night Chris was in the nursery. He unpacked the diaper genie, and smelled it. He loves that thing, esp the smell of it. He tried it out with some trash. Then he went thru the baby stuff and checked it all out and rearranged it a bit. He was all smiles. I asked if he was nervous, and he said No. He is ready for baby to be here. Tonight we are gonna hang the wall decor! I should really get my bag packed too, and all that paperwork filled out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

no making plans

Shortly I leave for my 36 week appointment. 36 weeks! holy crap! Where is the time going? I have been nervous and losing sleep at night with thoughts.

I'm a planner. I like to know what is happening when. This whole childbirth thing- you really cant plan too much of it. So this waiting and wondering is quite difficult for me. Maybe I will feel better once we get the nursery 100% done. All the bags packed. And that stack of paper work finished too. That should all be done by the end of the week.

The not being able to plan is good for me. I sure that with kids things aren't always going to go according to plan and we will need to go with the flow. I am going to have to be ok with that.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Double Chin!

Up until now, I did not feel fat. Basically I have gained a pound a week. So right now I am 35 weeks, and I have gained 34 pounds. Dr. says "perfect". I feel like that is a lot, but he says this is healthy and "perfect".

Ok.... Let me just chime in a funny story. For those of you that know Grandma Rose, I hope you laugh (and please dont take offense!).... this is SO grandma Rose. LOL. When I was around 27 weeks, she asked how much weight I had gained. I told her 25 lbs, my dr is happy, and I really dont see it or feel like I have gained it. She said "look a little harder in the mirror, you'll see it". That didnt shatter my bubble, I still felt good and trust my Dr. I am eating healthy and I was ok with the weight gain. Grandma has always been very weight conscience and concerned about the health of her family.

Now, I am 35.5 weeks and I feel fat. I saw a double chin this morning in the mirror! AHHH! There really is nothing I can do now but feel fat. My current weight gain is honestly ok with me, and I feel I have eaten well to ~grow my baby good~. I will still be OK if I gain another 5 lbs before the baby comes (don't tell me this 7 months ago! I was freaked about weight gain!). So, here I am with my double chin feeling like a buffalo! But I am a happy buffalo, and that is all that matters to me.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Tough Day

Today is a tough one. I dont wanna sit, that hurts. I dont wanna stand, I feel like I am gonna fall. I am at work, so obviously I cant lay down. Just a few more hours till lunch, then I can rest in my car... then just a few more hours of the day left then I can lay down at home! These next few weeks are going to be hard, and take a lot of determination.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Feeling achey and some more pee talk!

I'm feeling quite achey today. I would give anything to be able to lie down all day. At the moment my neck aches the most, and my back, hips, and legs all hurt too. Excellent news! I slept well last night, only woke once at 3:30 to pee! I was all smiles when I saw the time and realized that it was my first bathroom trip all night. :-)

Chris should be leaving for WI tomorrow morning. Then spending the weekend at his parents getting ready for rifle deer hunting next weekend. I have accepted the fact that I wont be hunting this season. What are the chances that I am not gonna be achey on that one day and want to sit in a stand watching for deer? Right now laying down sounds much better! Or if I am feeling good, doing something else sounds better then sitting in a tree stand getting achey and peeing every 45 minutes.

I told chris over the phone yesterday that Thanksgiving is going to be at his sister and BIL's house, Shel and Cal. He is happy about that, and so I am I. This will be thier first family holiday to host- how exciting for them! This also means we only have to travel 3 miles for Thanksgiving, and I will be 37 weeks.... so that is wonderful!

My sister, Emily is coming to spend the weekend with me. We are gonna watch Knocked Up. I heard the delivery scenes are quite graphic, hope I dont get scared!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Drink more water, and pee more often

That is my nurse's and Doctors answer to everything! A few months ago I was having lots of braxon hicks contractions.... the dr advised to drink more water and pee as soon as I have the urge. OK..... A while back I felt like I had a UTI, nurse said the same thing after my test came back negative. Today I called the nurse about the amount of pressure I am feeling and at the end of the day I feel like the baby is going to fall out (I know, its not THAT easy!) she said "drink more water to dilute the hormones, and pee more often so the uterus doesnt get irritated".

Maybe I am just being a little bit more paranoid about what I am feeling because Chris is gone. This baby just cant come this week! The nurse was very reassuring and told me what to watch for. The baby may be dropping even lower into my pelvis which is causing the discomfort. I am so happy with my OB/GYN dept. When I call with a question, I get transfered to a nurse who takes her time to answer my questions.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Karma biting me in the ass?

Read yesterday's post about kenneling Oliver to avoid coming home to accidents, vomit or him getting into something. He was great in his kennel all day, and he was being so good last night. He deserved a treat! I gave him one, within an hour he threw it up. I give up! (and I threw those treats away)

Monday, November 5, 2007

So far I am enjoying this week. Chris is bow hunting deer and I am relaxing. Only one lunch to make in the morning, only me to wake up... I am finding some extra time for myself in the mornings before I have to leave for work.

I am trying Oliver in a kennel during the day. I dont have the energy to come home to an accident, vomit, or something he got into. He will be fine, and safe in there all day. Chris has been opposed to this, and I have been wanting to do this. No one to stop me this week, and I see no reason why there should be any problems.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Eeekkk, mice!

Two nights ago I was snacking at my desk at work, and a mouse strolled in front of my hands..... less then a foot away! YUCK! I was so grossed out. Previously (before my food ban took place) I would eat something, leave it on my desk to go help a customer and come back to eat it later. Wonder if I was sharing that with mice.

Now, no food in the GC is allowed! My desk has been sanitized and after about 4 pm I turn up the music and go into a very open area so I can see them coming.

I think our house in Babcock has ruined me forever. There were so many mice, and no matter what we did they kept coming in. (house was condemned after we moved it.... it was just 10-15 years old, but on a wood foundation in a swamp!) I can handle spiders and snakes... just not mice. They are so disgusting!