Wednesday, November 14, 2007

1 month till our EDD!

Crazy, that it is just one month to our due date. Baby will probably be here 2-6 weks from now!

My appointment was nice yesterday, I asked lots of questions about my pain and problems. They are so helpful. They asked lots of questions too. My Dr. said my blood pressure is great, and my weight gain is ~perfect~. He likes to say that. The baby's head is down.... way down (but I already knew that!) and the doctor doesnt think the baby is huge. Average to just above average size. He gave me permission to start wishing the baby out at 37 weeks. So! Thanksgiving day I start wishing the baby out! I would much perfer the baby in my arms these days!

I hurt a lot this morning. So I snuggled up with Chris instead of getting ready for work. The baby wasnt really moving till Chris's hand was on my belly. I thought that was cute. He liked it too.

When I got home from work last night Chris was in the nursery. He unpacked the diaper genie, and smelled it. He loves that thing, esp the smell of it. He tried it out with some trash. Then he went thru the baby stuff and checked it all out and rearranged it a bit. He was all smiles. I asked if he was nervous, and he said No. He is ready for baby to be here. Tonight we are gonna hang the wall decor! I should really get my bag packed too, and all that paperwork filled out.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, have Chris let me know how how that Diaper Genie smells in 6 weeks! lol

I am feeling your anxiousness! I can't wait! I'm so excited for you!!