Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Lovely timing

Chris works for the city street department. He does blasting occassionally. And sometimes people hire the city to do blasting work. Which is what just happened. A cranberry marsh about 20 minutes out of town hired the city to do blasting for them. They have about 2 weeks worth of work.

Normally, Chris works within the city. Close to home. He doesnt have a cell, but I can call the garage, and they can get a message to him quickly. At this job site he will be hard to contact. He got a phone number for the marsh manager, I can try that number if I go into labor. I know the name of the marsh, and I can call the city garage if I gotta get ahold of him. Worse case scenario, I will call the county police! LOL. He is driving his own truck tot he job site too. So once he gets the message, he should have about an hour to the hospital. (vs. 20 minutes to his truck, then an hour to the hospital) So, we put all out stuff in the truck this morning!

The hospital we are delivering at is in the town I work in. About an hour from home. Just yesterday my boss asked if I would be more comfortable working from home. Not anymore! I am better off at work, in the town where I will be deliverying my baby. Rather then at home with Chris a long ways away hard to get ahold of. We dont know many people that are home during the day either.

Things will work out.

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HappyPrego said...

Everything will work out, but I understand why you would be concerned. lol, if it were me, I would call the police first. : )