Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I'm so brain dead sometimes.

I already HAVE king sized bedding! On our spare bed is a king sized down comforter, and in my closet is a king sized duvet! Delemia solved. Wish I didnt waste all that brain power and time thinking about what to do. All I need now is a skirt (already bought the sheets).

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bedding delemia

Chris and I finally picked out a new bed! We have been ho-humming about this for over a year now, and finally we are fed up! So we picked one and ordered it. Should be here in 2 weeks.

We went up to a King for a Queen. So that means we need new sheets and bedding. We have a queen down comforter right now that we LOVE. It is perfect. But it will look stupid on a king.

Here is our delema. We dont want one of those pretty comforter that is for looks only and you have to take it off at night, and heavy forbid you get milk on it! It MUST be machine washable, and hold up to occassional washings. It must be one that looks good, and gets used every night. It needs to be comfortable of course. I think we will go away from the down comforters because they are never big enough and the never look good on a bed (unless someone can prove me wrong).

Any suggestions as to what is working welll for you? Function is the key for my family! We are those ppl that only make thier beds for company. ;-)

Friday, January 23, 2009

More Diapers!

These are my latest colors that I am making. As you can see I modified my snaps- so now my diapers should fit a baby about 10lb- 40lbs. Maybe an 8 lb baby, I'll let you know once I test them on a little baby.
I cant believe how much fun I am having making them! I still need a few more for Brady's stash, we are still doing laundry every night. Want me to make some for you? Contact me! and we can go over the details. I also have some royal blue fabric, and sage green (this would be the outside colors). I can also make wetbags in any size for either your diaper bag or lining your garbage can.
The way these diapers work- the outside fabric is waterproof. The inside is a suade, so baby doesnt feel the wetness on his skin. The print fabric is the inserts- you stuff the inserts between the waterproof layer and the suade, and that is what absorbs the pee. (that is made of flannel, and terry cloth). The snaps are to adjust the size, so one diaper fits your baby from 10lbs- 40lbs. You can save mega $$$$$ by using cloth diapers over disposables! I prefer solid colored for the water proof material, prints are not very waterproof at all.
Honestly, cloth diapering is not that bad! They are easy to wash and care for. I love cloth diapering and regret not starting them eariler.
Here is a previous post with Brady modeling one that I made for him.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Lean and Green

Lean and Green is our 2009 theme at work. Lean means save $$$ to hopefully survive this hard economic time. (I manage a garden center, but primarily my workplace is a landscape design/build business). Green... besides the fact that we sell green goods I am not sure what the green part entails. Green to me means basically "save the planet!". Believe it or not, this company is not very green. We are making changes though.

Will Lean work for me in my life being a mom? I have been here 5 years, and aside from last year- work was most important in my life. It isnt anymore. Last year was incredibly difficult. I had no balance and was very unhappy with work/home because there was NO BALANCE at all. I am interested to see how 2009 plays out. I pondered going PT, but dont think that is an option anymore...... We will see. I am aiming to work smarter, not harder. Hopefully that will make me more effcient.

Friday, January 16, 2009

they did great!

I went to a tradeshow in Chicago yesterday, left early and came home late. So Dad had new tasks for the day- get B out the door, and to bed at night! On top of that, B has pinkeye! So they went to the Dr too. The boys did GREAT! Everything was a success. Chris was worried, very worried and stressing about it. I am proud of him! (I think he just needs to be forced into this situation, and he will become more comfortable. I suggest often that he puts be to bed, and he never does).

My tradeshow was ok. I had a great day, my boss and co-worker and I chatted the entire trip. The tradeshow itself wasnt nearly the size it normally is. I learned some things and got some ideas- so it was worth it, but not what I expected. We had dinner at Texas Roadhouse- I had never been there- delicious! Best part (besides the company of course) was my 22oz Spotted Cow in a frosty mug! OMgosh- to die for! If I had a tapper at my house, it would have spotted cow! LOL.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Chance and Kennedy

Thier tiny feet
go before us
to teach us
the way home.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

some precious moments

The other night we had Shel and Cal over for dinner. I made this scrumptious dinner, and brady loved it too. At first he was just diving in and there was no stopping him from eating. Then his eye lids started to close and he was still eating. Shortly, he was sound asleep, so the 4 of us just watched him sleep in his high chair. Kid you not, B was picking up food while asleep and putting it in his mouth! hahahaha. Then a couple minutes later he would chew it.

Yesterday he had some cute moments. Oliver was outside, and B was at the patio door- he was kissing the window with Oliver on the other side!

Monday, January 12, 2009

The power of Music

I have a very small background in music- played the sax in HS, learned to play piano in element/junior high, sing in the shower, jam to the radio in my car.... that about sums it up. I would consider myself to be more of a Science sort of person over the Arts.

Watching Brady respond to Music since birth has been amazing. Early on we used music to calm him and sooth him- he responded so early. As soon as brady could stand (7 months) he was dancing. Lately as soon as he hears a tune he is bobbing around and dancing. It is so incredible to watch how babies and toddlers respond to music.

Monday, January 5, 2009

I need a vacation

I just had 2 weeks off, it went by fast and it was a busy one. I really feel like I need a vactaion.

On my list of things to do, and what I achieved were:
make at least 12 diapers (made 3)
make 2 wet bags for diapers (made 1)
go thru our shelves in the basement and reorganize it (accomplished!)
Organize my scrapbooking stuff (nope)
Read the last 3 or 4 harry potter books (didnt even finish one!)
Relax and watch movies, barely moving for an entire day
Play and play with Brady (achieved this!)
Visit with family and friends (some of this)
Reconnect with my husband (achieved!)
Buy a new mattress (tried out serta's)
Buy a new camera (did nothing here!)
Look into a topper for truck (nothing here either!)

yes, I need a vacation.