Monday, December 31, 2007

Being efficient is the key!

We have been home with Brady 6 days now. We're slowing adjusting. Things are being moved around the nursery and the house to save time.
  • We discovered the best way to dress the baby for night to make diaper changes go even faster. He wears no onsie, a gown instead of jamies with legs, and a sleep sack- he always kicked off his swadle and we were constantly redoing it and wondering if our baby was freezing.
  • He was sleeping in the basinet in our bedroom at first- but he grunts, and squeeks in his sleep- I wake easily, so he is in his crib happy. I am happy to.
  • I try to sleep as often as he sleeps. Which is the advice everyone gives me- but almost impossible in the early days with visitors stopping by. Now that the newness has worn off, it is working!
  • The best time for me to make my phone calls is when nursing- sorry for the slurpy noises!
  • Since nights are pretty much 100% on me unless I am too exhausted, then I wake Chris- he gets to handle pretty much everything but the feedings of Brady during the day.

I have been having a few weepy days- dont ask me what I am crying about, because I dont know! And I cant stop the tears! It really helps not be so sleep deprived! I still have some pain from the c-section too, and wish I was able to be more mobile.

The breastfeeding has been easy yet hard. Easy because Brady and I are good at it, he latches well and gets plenty to eat. Hard because it is a lot on a mom! All feedings are 100% on me. Brady is a a cluster feeder right now- he nurses (which takes an hour), then sleeps for about an hour, and that cycle continues for 4-6 feedings. Then suddenly he will sleep a long stretch of 3-5 hours. And the next cluster cycle starts. The lactation counselor says this shouldnt last much more then 2 weeks- I hope!

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Birth story

On Friday, 12-21 we went in for induction. Cervix was not favorable, but were hoping to make it. Dr. inserted meds by cervix and we waited. 4 hours later there was absolutely no progress made. Cervix was had not softened, or dilated, I was still 70% effaced.

Around 1pm pitocin was started and my water was broken. Gradually contractions started. Occasinally the babies heart rate would drop, but recover quickly. At 6:30 they checked me, I was about 3.5 cm’s, cervix had not softened a bit, and baby had not dropped yet. So I asked for the epidural. When I got up to pee before the epidural, there was a huge gush of fluid with miconium. The dr. was concerned because of how it looked. (not sure what this was about) I got the epi, and the babies heart rate dropped again. I was put on oxygen, and I felt horrible- nausea, shakes and light headed. Dr. stopped the pitocin and both baby and I were back to normal about an hour later- but no contractions and no progress. The dr. suggested the c-section at this time. He was concerned about both me and baby with starting the pitocin. He said if it was really important to me to delivery the baby vaginally we can continue, but he felt the way things were going there was a 90% likelihood that we would end in a c-section. Both with me and babies response to pitocin, didn’t think we could handle it for hours; and my cervix being still unfavorable and baby being high. So, I agreed to the c-section.

I got prepped right away, I was so scared. I told the dr.’s and nurses all my fears (the sounds, the smells, and the tugging that I would feel). The epidural made me shake, that was such a horrible feeling. I was crying really hard too. I asked them to knock me out, and they said it would be better for the baby to not knock me out till after he/she was delivered. Chris came in soon and held my hand and wipe my tears. The anesthesiologist put an oxygen mask on me, and helped calm me too. I told the anesthesiologist I felt nauseous, he gave me something in my iv, but soon I was vomiting, the great anesthesiologist held a baggie up for me, and then wiped my face and put a wash clothe on my head. (he was GREAT!) A nurse was 2 months prego, and soon she was vomiting too. Chris kept me distracted and as calm as he could thru the c-section.

Before I knew it, the dr. asked daddy if he wanted to look over the curtain and see his baby be pulled out. Chris smiled while watching, and we heard the doctor say “it’s a boy!” Within a couple minutes they gave our son to daddy to carry back to be checked out. A few minutes later Chris brought the baby to me to see, then they went back to our room to wait for the surgery to be finished. I was rolled back in, and continued to shake and vomit while the spinal wore off. I never did ask again to get knocked out, so I was conscience the whole time. After the c-section was over I thought, that wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

Brayden Keith weighed 7lbs, 8 oz, and 19” long. He was born at 8:58 pm on 12/21. He has a full head of hair! He took to breastfeeding really well and is a hungry little guy! Lucky for him, my milk came in 3 days after he was born. We came home on x-mas day and are in love with our son.

Friday, December 21, 2007

to excited to sleep!

That line takes me back to when Chris and I went to vegas 2 summers ago. We barely slept because we were too excited to sleep.

I actually slept well last night for being 41 weeks prego- thanks to my friend Tylonol PM. ;-) Now I am starving and wide awake, waiting for 7am to roll around. My biggest concern for today- LOL- that I will be hungry and thirsty... I dont think I am gonna get anything to eat. And the ripening of the cervix can be a lengthy realitively pain free progress.

Chris and I were all smiles last night. Cant wait to meet our baby shortly.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

eviction notice served!

OMGosh, so much to do! this will be a short post today. Had my dr. appointment this morning... DR. came in, we were ready to plead our case for inductiuon- and he says "I've set youup to be induced tomorrow"! YAY! we are so happy! He will be our Dr. too.

Well, we have a list of things we want to get done today.... maybe I will blog more later if I have the time.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

41 week dr. appointment early tomorrow

Chris is taking me, for emotional support. If that dr. tells me we are waiting and see what happens in another week I am gonna strangle him! (that's why Chris is going!)

Wow, I am a woman of few words today (rare!). Just hoping things work out as they should and for the best for baby and me!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

empty handed maternity leave

That's what I am calling it! My empty handed maternity leave. Today I felt really good. I did some mega shopping! Got a new micro for the kitchen, moved the old one down to the basement living room/bar. Chris thinks he can live down there now! I got some cushions for the chairs too, and some decor for the kitchen. And FINALLY! I found a lamp shade for my antique crystal lamp. Not exactly what I wanted, but it looks good. Not what that lamp originally had..... but it was really hard to find with with a harp that was that long!

Chris starts his leave tomorrow. His empty handed paternity leave. Gosh, I hope we dont drive each other crazy waiting for baby!

My 4 year old neice has this baby figured out. All along she has said that it's a girl. Yesterday she decided that it has to be a boy, because a girl would never take this long to get here! She also thinks I need to tell the baby how to get out...... I'll work on that one! Maybe we'll start with a flashlight?

Sunday, December 16, 2007

All sorts of Ramblings

I can't believe my sister's kids havent lost interest yet. They ask thier mom multiple times a day"is the baby here yet?!" They are young and dont quite understand what's happening... the middle one asked me once while shopping if I "ever look up to see the baby". I knew better then to ask her what she meant by that! Anyway.... I have just about lost interest in wondering when this baby will get here!

I am still hoping soon (obviously!). Chris goes on vacation starting wednesday. I hope we dont end up with a week of just the two of us finding things to do waiting for baby! I'm officially on maternity leave as of yesterday. I can say that, most of the year I work weekends. Yesterday Chris finally put the shelves up in the closet of our office/craft room. And he is building a pantry in the basement today. I love having all this great storage! We do hope to have some time to go thru all our ~stuff~ in storage and orgnaize it all. I'm missing some things from when we moved 3 years ago!

Christmas is right around the corner. We really can't make plans except: if baby shows now or ASAP we might go spend x-mas with my family (2.75 hours north) and stay a few days(if we have gotten settled in and feel up to the trip). If baby shows later this week and we get home from hospital just a few days before x-mas we might go for x-mas dinner at Chris's parents. If baby shows just before x-mas and we dont feel up to traveling on x-mas or even like celebrating x-mas because we just got home or are in the hospital..... we are going to post-pone our christmas!

Friday, December 14, 2007

It's our due date!!!

I'm surprised I am at our EDD, I have always thought baby would be here by now! Hopefully this means a healthier, happier baby when he/she does arrive.

We'll just keep on waiting! In the meantime, I can't wait to meetour lil' girl or boy and introduce him or her to everyone.

Chris and I have been calling baby by name. No, I cant share it yet... but lets say the baby is Hilda or Henry. We call the baby Hilda or Henry when we refer to the baby. I have 2 images in my head- a girl that we call Hilda, and a boy we call Henry. I sort of feel like if the baby is Hilda, I am going to feel like I lost Henry. Almost like he's gone. (and the other way around) Dont know if that makes any sence to you, but it is a strange feeling. Wonder how I will actually feel when Henry or Hilda actually arrives.

Today is my last day at work, I am gonna get my work done and go home! So I best quit wasting time and get too it. For some reason, my mind isnt really into my work..... hmm, wonder why?

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

found some peace

I was really upset today, thinking this baby was never going to show! I cried lots more tears, and I think I ran out! My co-workers even saw my tears. I am due so soon, and no baby yet! Chris and I never even entertained the thought of either being pregnant for x-mas or in the hospital for x-mas. We always thought baby would he here before them. Christmas is right around the corner! It could happen, and we talked about if that were to happen that it would be ok. And, if it's a baby girl born on x-mas eve, or x-mas day.... her middle name would just have to be Noelle! Wonder if there is a boy's name that works well with christmas.... besides Jesus that is.

I left work early today, and got home the same time as Chris. He helped calm my tears, and rubbed my aching back. Then we talked tonight. He reminded me of what I truely believe in, and helped me get thru our months of trying to get pregnant. We both think that each life is meant to happen when it happens. Each of us is meant to enter this world when we do to the families we are born to. I strongly believe that. So I have to have faith that this little one will be here when he/she is supposed to be. Whether that is in the next few days, or x-mas day.

Yeah, with our lives things would work out best if he/she gets here now. I start maternity leave friday. Chris starts vacation Dec. 20th. We need to let things happen as they should and I need to stop getting upset about it! (ahh, this is just me! someone could have preached this to me over and over again..... and I dont really listen.... I needed to figure this out on my own!)

finding ways to pass the time

Waiting for baby is making Chris and I crazy! We fought so much last weekend, and I swear we are purposly irritating each other. We are just ready for baby, and we cleared our schedules just in case baby came early. Now each day is so long, and we are just sitting around. Week days aren't so bad... but the weekends are tourtore! Friday is my last day at work, and Chris is done with work next thursdays regardless of what baby decides to do.

So, I am making a list of what I can do to pass the time. Some things I just never had the time to do before.

Rewrite my messy recipe cards
Drive around looking at x-mas lights
Finish my tree skirt quilt
Read a long book
Rent some movies

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

life is easier today

I have had this negative slump going on for probably 5 days. And 2-3 of them were really bad with lots of tears. I woke up today feeling much more positive and happy. My body still aches, and I still have a huge baby in my belly; but I have that feeling that I can make it a few more days and it isnt so bad. It is amazing how a good frame of mind changes things. I really hope I can keep this mood! Life will be easier.

Monday, December 10, 2007

casino update!

We had fun! Chris and I asked he sister and husband, Shel and Cal, to come with. First we went out for dinner, and it was good. Chris's prime rib looked so good- I cant wait to eat raw meat! I love medium rare prime rib. Hmm... wonder if I can eat that while breastfeeding? Then we went to the casino. Chris lost, lost, lost. He did horribly. Shel did OK.... lost just a little, but won a little to make up what she had previously lost. Cal did OK, but I think lost a little too. I could not loose my money! I really did not win much, just $10, but I could not loose it either. It was lots of fun. Doesnt happen like that for me much!

Saturday, December 8, 2007

a new day

After my hormonal day yesterday, I am happy today is a new day. I am not a hormonal basketcase like I was yesterday!

Today Chris and I quickly cleaned up the house. When we woke up today, I told Chris my goals are the following: clean the bathrooms, the kitchen and the floors; and get the christmas tree in the house. And his goal today was to help me achieve my goals! If he was a good boy, we could go to the casino tonight. Goals are met! I worked so hard I can barely walk! OK- working hard for a girl that is 39.5 weeks prego is the following: washing hard floors with a machine (while Chris crawls around and scrubs the spots... maybe Oliver drool?), washing toilets and counters (while he..... hmmm.... dont know what he was doing at this moment- probably taking a break! oh yeah, he was vacuming all the other floors- thats too hard for me to do!) they got super scrubbed last week, so I got to cheat and just use lysol wipes. And flipping loads of laundry. All that work- I am beat.

We got the christmas tree in! Thank god I was here to supervise. It is bitter cold out, so chris brought the tree into the house, and the chainsaw to cut the bottom. He was gonna cut the bottom of the tree off in the entry way of the house with a chainsaw. I said no way! it is gonna stink up the house. So, brilliant Christopher, opened the front door and put the base of the tree outside and left the top inside with the door open and cut the bottom off. Not only did he let the heat out.... all the chainsaw exhaust blew nicely into the house. Glad I made him do it outside.....

Since I promised Chris if he is a good boy we could go to the casino tonight I best go rest a little and get ready to go. He was such a good boy! ;-) Luckily the exhaust smell has gone away.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Low point

There has been some tears today. Here is where I am. To sum it up: bored with this stage of my life and ready for the next to start. Yeah, I think that sums it up.

Last night I was very achey and swollen, I knew the best place to be was laying around. It drove me crazy! I was so bored just laying there reading a magazine and watching TV.

That's all I have to say, I'd like to ignore my negativity and aquire some patience- otherwise these last days are going to be unbearable for me.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

not mentally prepared for this weather

I thought with a mid december due date, that I would be snug and warm in my house on maternity leave before the snow or the cold came. The last few years in WI, we havent had much snow or bitter cold to speak of before christmas. There is probably a foot of snow out there, and this morning it was about 10 below zero! I am in denial that I have to deal with this sort of weather, and winter driving. YUCK!

Seems that baby will be born with some snow though. This is how WI is supposed to be! Snow on the ground before Christmas.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

need to have baby now because.....

My only bra that fits is on its last leg and I refuse to buy one until my milk comes in! Baby, dont make me go bra-less! LOL. I do have 2 nursing bras that are packed, and I just dont want to take them out of my hosipital bag. I will go into labor when they are dirty, I just know it! For over a week now I have been suffering wearing and washing just 1 bra.

Can someone tell this baby which way is the way out? He/she thinks it is thru my ribs. He/she is hurting me.

I had my 39 week dr. appointment today. My dr. said the worst words ever "see you next week". He also said that I grow big patient babies. Still not what I wanted to hear! He said the baby is no longer 7lbs. Ugh. He did check my cervix, and it is thinning and a little dialated, baby is low too. So technical huh?

Monday, December 3, 2007

do dee, do dee

Just twidling my thumbs! I am so caught up at work and ready for maternity leave. I do have one more good sized project to complete, but I am waiting for others to evaluate it and give me input. We have a meeting in regards to it tomorrow morning. So.... thinking that means early day for me today! ;-)

Same situation at home.... things are all caught up and just waiting for baby to come. Maybe if I leave dirty dishes in my sink, or let the toilet get dirty I will go into labor? I am ready to try anything at this point in time!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

no baby yet

I think we are down to 12 days till our EDD. No baby yet, but so ready for this part of my life to end and the next part to begin. Call me strange, but I must have wished for my water to break at least 10 times so far this weekend. It all does seem a bit strange, thinking of how our lifes will never be the same again. Everything we do we will have to consider how it effects this new life.

But it looks like this baby will be born with some snow on the ground! Chris is happy because he got some over time this weekend. We got a ton of snow, and he got called in to plow at 3am. He thinks he will get 12 hours.... so far he has 8 hours in.