Tuesday, December 18, 2007

empty handed maternity leave

That's what I am calling it! My empty handed maternity leave. Today I felt really good. I did some mega shopping! Got a new micro for the kitchen, moved the old one down to the basement living room/bar. Chris thinks he can live down there now! I got some cushions for the chairs too, and some decor for the kitchen. And FINALLY! I found a lamp shade for my antique crystal lamp. Not exactly what I wanted, but it looks good. Not what that lamp originally had..... but it was really hard to find with with a harp that was that long!

Chris starts his leave tomorrow. His empty handed paternity leave. Gosh, I hope we dont drive each other crazy waiting for baby!

My 4 year old neice has this baby figured out. All along she has said that it's a girl. Yesterday she decided that it has to be a boy, because a girl would never take this long to get here! She also thinks I need to tell the baby how to get out...... I'll work on that one! Maybe we'll start with a flashlight?

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HappyPrego said...

I told you to use that flashlight....please push towards the light. Maybe the baby is just waiting to know that Chris is available at any second. Hmm???