Thursday, December 27, 2007

Birth story

On Friday, 12-21 we went in for induction. Cervix was not favorable, but were hoping to make it. Dr. inserted meds by cervix and we waited. 4 hours later there was absolutely no progress made. Cervix was had not softened, or dilated, I was still 70% effaced.

Around 1pm pitocin was started and my water was broken. Gradually contractions started. Occasinally the babies heart rate would drop, but recover quickly. At 6:30 they checked me, I was about 3.5 cm’s, cervix had not softened a bit, and baby had not dropped yet. So I asked for the epidural. When I got up to pee before the epidural, there was a huge gush of fluid with miconium. The dr. was concerned because of how it looked. (not sure what this was about) I got the epi, and the babies heart rate dropped again. I was put on oxygen, and I felt horrible- nausea, shakes and light headed. Dr. stopped the pitocin and both baby and I were back to normal about an hour later- but no contractions and no progress. The dr. suggested the c-section at this time. He was concerned about both me and baby with starting the pitocin. He said if it was really important to me to delivery the baby vaginally we can continue, but he felt the way things were going there was a 90% likelihood that we would end in a c-section. Both with me and babies response to pitocin, didn’t think we could handle it for hours; and my cervix being still unfavorable and baby being high. So, I agreed to the c-section.

I got prepped right away, I was so scared. I told the dr.’s and nurses all my fears (the sounds, the smells, and the tugging that I would feel). The epidural made me shake, that was such a horrible feeling. I was crying really hard too. I asked them to knock me out, and they said it would be better for the baby to not knock me out till after he/she was delivered. Chris came in soon and held my hand and wipe my tears. The anesthesiologist put an oxygen mask on me, and helped calm me too. I told the anesthesiologist I felt nauseous, he gave me something in my iv, but soon I was vomiting, the great anesthesiologist held a baggie up for me, and then wiped my face and put a wash clothe on my head. (he was GREAT!) A nurse was 2 months prego, and soon she was vomiting too. Chris kept me distracted and as calm as he could thru the c-section.

Before I knew it, the dr. asked daddy if he wanted to look over the curtain and see his baby be pulled out. Chris smiled while watching, and we heard the doctor say “it’s a boy!” Within a couple minutes they gave our son to daddy to carry back to be checked out. A few minutes later Chris brought the baby to me to see, then they went back to our room to wait for the surgery to be finished. I was rolled back in, and continued to shake and vomit while the spinal wore off. I never did ask again to get knocked out, so I was conscience the whole time. After the c-section was over I thought, that wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

Brayden Keith weighed 7lbs, 8 oz, and 19” long. He was born at 8:58 pm on 12/21. He has a full head of hair! He took to breastfeeding really well and is a hungry little guy! Lucky for him, my milk came in 3 days after he was born. We came home on x-mas day and are in love with our son.


Anonymous said...

Waaahhhhh! Birth stories always make me cry (happy cry though). I wish I could have talked to you before you went in for the c-section and I would have told you that it wasn't going to be that bad. I would have been honest with you! The idea is scary but really it's okay. Having had babies both ways I would say I like the c-sec for the quickness and less stress on baby but it is waaay worse for recovery. But sounds like things you guys this weekend! I told Taylor I forgot how to hold a baby so I was practicing with her and she was telling me what to do! She didn't think it was funny when she said to "tip the baby (her) up on your shoulder" and I flung her over my shoulder really far! haha They are sooo excited to see him and hold him! Take care Sarah!
- Love Emily

HappyPrego said...

I am so happy that although you went through a huge ordeal, you have a handsome, healthy little boy to be thankful for. I hope your healing is quick and the three of you are able to enjoy this time together. Congratulations!!