Monday, December 3, 2007

do dee, do dee

Just twidling my thumbs! I am so caught up at work and ready for maternity leave. I do have one more good sized project to complete, but I am waiting for others to evaluate it and give me input. We have a meeting in regards to it tomorrow morning. So.... thinking that means early day for me today! ;-)

Same situation at home.... things are all caught up and just waiting for baby to come. Maybe if I leave dirty dishes in my sink, or let the toilet get dirty I will go into labor? I am ready to try anything at this point in time!


Anonymous said...

Is there a storm coming your way? You will go into labor then, babies always pick great times to make an appearance.

We had a little snow this weekend and my aunt went in yesterday. She was due the 10th, anyway I have a new little cousin.


Anonymous said...

seriously! will you have that baby already! that is the problem...your READY....don't be! Go home and mess up your house a little and leave some laundry to do....hehe. Good luck with that. The kids were excited to see the dizzy baby with the #10 under it today - they say "any day now, right"....yeppers! We're waiting.......