Thursday, October 30, 2008

Am I the warped one?

Chris and I were finally able to talk yesterday. What started it was me discussing what was said saturday morning, and my theory on why he say's things like that and does some things to me that I dont like. That went over well.

Then we started talking about work, jobs, household responcibility and that sort of stuff. We pretty well agreed, or came to a conclusion on everything except one thing. this isnt the first time he has said this to me, he says it often. "your not the first mom to work, everyone else has done it before, you can to". OK, got it. However, here is my objection to him saying this as a reason for me to pick up the slack at home. I work 10 hour days, with a 45 minute drive one way. So..... from june-november I wake at 5:30, leave for daycare and work at 6:45, arrive at work by 7:45. Work till 6 or 6:30, and arrive home 7-7:30. I go to bed at 9, and I am the one that wakes with Brady 1plus times a night. I do that 5 days a week. (in april, May and half of june I do it 6 days a week, and they are more then 10 hour days. In the winter my schedule relaxes and I usually work 4 9 hour days each week).

I want your comments! Annonymous is fine by me. I am asking for your opinion. I am a ninny and need to be like the other full time working moms? Or is my hubby in the wrong to compare me with all the other working mom's of the US. Thanks for your comments!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Brady said Mama to me this morning! Yay! for a couple weeks he has been saying it while crawling to me crying hard, saying mamamamama. This morning, it was plan as day, a "i am happy" sort of tone Mama.

He has been braver taking some more steps too. He also trys to stand up from sitting without holding on to anything.

such a little boy now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

my organization efforts

I wish I was naturally one of those people that was an excellent organizer. You know who they are. I'm not. My way or organizing an area is to first have a desparate need, then an attack plan.

Our kitchen counter got attacked this weekend. It is the dumping grounds for when we come in the house. Particularily, the mail. So, I found this unused basket in the house and some colorful files. Made into piles everything on the counters in the kitchen. Then made a file for each: sarah's stuff, chris's stuff, sarah's attn needed, chris's attn needed, bills, coupons, to be filed, and receipts to keep. there was even some room in that basket for a cup that holds pens and scratch paper.

lets hope this helps us to keep our kitchen more organized.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

not even going to repeat it.

Chris said something to me completely out of line this morning. He was mad at me for waking him up to care for Brady, I think anyway. It was so hurtful, and idiotic really to say something like what he said. Does he have a spiteful side? This is so not the man I married.

You know, he really needs to sensor his tongue. He has said a few things in the last couple weeks that I wont even repeat. In the year 2008, no one should say things like that. What is this teaching our son.

I dont think I have ever been this hurt by him. Sure, he said he was sorry and ment it. but it was so out of line. Incedibly out of line.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Brady's update.

We saw Dr. L. on Wednesday. his ears are CLEAR! YAY! No fluid, no redness, they looked normal for once. Yay!

However, he cant catch a break- as now he is fiesty because he is cutting top teeth. He was just a bear last night. On top of that, he has a hellacious diaper rash.... all over down there.... I mean all over. (lots of diahrea the last week or more from his meds is to blame) So, we are gooping him up and changing his diaper often, even letting him wonder around w/out a diaper a little bit to dry things up.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

still taking him in.

he had a good night last night, and is moderatly cranky today. He has been tugging his ears a bit, so I am taking him in anyway to see Dr. L. He is still not himself, something is up. I hope not.... but we will see. We got a work-in appt, so chances are good that we will be there for an eternity.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

velcro baby: take 2

Something is up yet again. Starting later in the day yesterday, baby b turned into a velcro baby again. Glued to me, or tracy (his daycare provider). We had a horrible night of sleep, and in the end I broke the rules (set up by me, so I can break them if I want too!) and put him in bed with me so we both could get just a little sleep.

We noticed some ear tugging the last couple days, and so did tracy. He does not have a fever.

I have the next 2 days off, so chances are, we are going to see Dr. L.

Monday, October 20, 2008

more sleep talk!

Well, he must be feeling better because he is waking just once a night again. Whew! that every couple hours stuff wasnt fun. Saturday was fabulous. he slept from 9-7, waking once at 3. Last night he was crabby and tired, so he fell asleep at 7, and was up at 4! But I did get a nice long shower while Baby B played in his exersaucer, and I got to eat a hot breakfast. I'll survive.

Friday, October 17, 2008

books on cd

LOVE THEM! I am a NPR, and WPR fanatic usually. Lately I cant take anothers person's veiwpoint on the economy or the election. I'm not content listening to music either lately.

Brady and I went to the library Wednesday and got a few of them for me to listen to on my way to work.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

sleep obsession continued-

It has been ages since I have gotten a full nights sleep. I can hardly even believe that I used to sleep a full night without waking once.

Nights has been hard with Brady's ears, the runs, teething... the bad nights have been more abundant then the good ones lately.

He has been a peach the last couple days. Spunk and energy is back- so he must be feeling better. He has been a pooping machine, the meds must be hard on his tummy. He ate like a rockstar yesterday. We are going to go broke if he keeps eating like this! Beef strogonoff seems to top his list! Now, if we can get him to sleep a little better....

Monday, October 13, 2008

velcro baby

Now that we are on week 3 of ear infections, I have labeled my kid the velcro baby. He has been stuck to my side.

Last night was a rough night. He woke a lot, then didnt want to be put down. I always try laying him back down and rubbing his back before I pick him up, it usually works. Last night it would not work, and when I picked him up he about choked me he was clinging to me so tight. (he has a case of the runs from his antibiotic) Any time I moved, he would wake up and hold me even tighter.

Nights like last night, make me wish I had that comfy rocking chair!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

yep, like his mom

Brady is having an allergic reaction to zithromax (sp) this weekend. his whole body has a rash. It is better then it was yesterday, and as of yesterday his ear was still infected. Onto another antibiotic.

I'm so forgetful. the reason why Brady is like me, is that I am allergic to many meds. Pennicilin, sulfas, and ethromycin. (I didnt have ear ifections this young my mom told me, I had them the worst in 1st and 2nd grades).

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

misc photos

While we were making applesauce this last weekend, Brady loved chewing on an apple slice. Very cute. He really is a healthy little eater.

Photo above really shows just how big this little boy smiles all the time. Below, he 2 little teeth. That's all he has at 9.5 months!
The laundry fiasco. Wear (get it?) do I begin? We got our new washer and dryer. They are fab. Chris LOVES to wash and dry the laundry all the time. I get to fold it, he never folds. It usually does pile up before I get around to folding it. (as he is at home for much more time then I am at home, and really, how hard is it to toss them in and take them out?) Luckily we both work blue collar sort of jobs, so we dont have to be crisp and absolutely wrinkle free. Out of this whole mess, I put about 5 peices back in the dryer to fluff and remove the wrinkles.

Just this morning, he put the load from the washer to the dryer. Called me in a panic on the way to work- he couldnt find his pack of gum. I opened the dryer- and there was gum all over the inside of the dryer, and on the clothes. Lucky for us, we are quite skilled at removing gum, permante marker, paint markers, crayons, tissues, and all sorts of other stuff from clothes and the machines.

is retrain a word?

If I havent already trained my brain to do something differently; then I am not retraining it. But does the word retrain really make sence?

I'll get back to ya on that in a few years, once I get caught up on sleep.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

retrain my brain

I'm trying to go from someone who always remembered everything, to someone that cant remember anything. My brain feels so scrambled. I am sure it is the effects of broken (or lack of) sleep for months on end. Getting more sleep is not the answer, I need to be better organized and make myself notes. time to think more long term.

Perfect example. Yesterday I had to make 2 phone calls right away in the morning. One was to call for an appointment for Brady, and the other........ was...... I forgot. It bugged me all day. I knew I had to do something, but I could not remember what. (chris couldnt rememeber either, but I probably never told him). It finally occured to me this morning! I had to make a kennel appt for Oliver for this weekend. duh.

In the past, I have been able to recall and remember lots of stuff with out needing to write them down. things are coming back to kick my in the A$$ lately because I either forgot, or I cant even remember needing to do something.

I'm working on retraining my brain to do things differently then I usually would. eeeekkkk.

Monday, October 6, 2008

yep, he is like his mom

Here we go again, yet another round of ear infections. On friday we finished meds for an ear infection, by sunday he was hot and cranky. Last night we got no sleep. chris took Brady in today after work, he asked Dr. C. if we should be taking Brady to a ENT specialist, Dr. c said to continue to moniter the duration and frequnecy of ear infections, at this point he doesnt feel it is needed.

So, I hope this new med knocks out the infection, and we can all be happy and sleep semi-decent for awhile!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

lost the touch

Yesterday chris and I set out to take care of the carrots from the garden that have been sitting on our counter for a week. I was thinking I would can them, then we decided to freeze them. I ran down stairs, and got 4 bags of frozen strawberries out of the freezer (?????), this lead to needing more fruit pectin set stuff, so a trip to the store was needed. We ended up at a farmers market type stand buying a bushel of apples. So, we made applesauce!

I pulled lots of no brainer stuff while we made and canned the applesauce. I grew up doing this with my mom, but I have never canned w/out my mommy. I read the directions for the canner, so did chris..... we did stuff we didnt have to do... filled the jars too full.... amazingly, the jars sealed!!!!! they over flowed while they were being processed- but they still managed to seal. So, we have some delicious apple sauce for the winter! (after we clean the goopies off the lids)

Oh, LOL. I made breakfast yesterday. Pancakes, eggs, and sausage. Oliver ended up getting 3 eggs, and 6 pancakes because I was such an air head. I dont know what was wrong, but I was clumsie, like it was my first time in the kitchen. It wasnt even funny.

This morning, before work I made the freezer jam. I've done it b4, but yet again, I was like a fish out of water.

What is going on???? I am normally quite talented at this stuff. I had my coffee both days, cant blame that. for the first time in a week I got some sleep (baby b only woke once both nights, as opposed to every 1-2 hours like he had been doing while sick). Maybe it is the 10 months of constant bad sleep affecting my brain? Dont know... but I want that touch back!

Friday, October 3, 2008

political overload

It's hard to turn on the radio or TV lately without hearing something about the economy or the elections. Sure, all this is good that people are involved and wanting to make an informed decision. I just want to listen to something a little lighter, maybe a little humorous. Even TV programs are hard to get into. Seems like you need to watch every week to keep up on what is happening or else they werent worth watching. What happened to shows like Friends, where you could miss a few weeks and it would still be fun to watch it? I'd like some more tv shows on like that. It might be time for me to get back into my audio books for my drive to and fro work. That should help.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

pure craziness

We are still laughing about the other night.... I had some sort of dream, something with Brady being wrapped up in blankets and stuck. Woke up the next morning, and all of the pillow cases were on the floor. LOL. we are ~tons of pillows~ sort of people too. LOL.

I like to make up crazy songs. Helps me find humor in things... like waking up at 3:30am because someone doesnt want to sleep anymore (today). so... here is today's song:

You're a little turkey,
we're gonna eat you,
for thanksgiving.
I'll have a thigh,
Dad'll have cheeks,
even Ollie will get a treat.

So I am singing this song over and over, at obscene hours, trying not to cry because all I wanna do is get more sleep.... and Brady is laughing hysterically at me. If only he knew, I am singing a song about eating him on thanksgiving. hehehee. (evil laugh) I told my mom about my song on my way to work, and how I am going absolutly crazy! Turns out, she used to sing to my sister and I about stuffing us in stockings (at christmas time) and shipping us away. Must be where I get the singing crazy songs from....

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

feeling normal

shhhh... dont tell... but yesterday I worked from 9:30-6pm, and that is what I am working today too (as opposed to working 7:45-6, which is what I am ~supposed~ to be working). I feel like a normal, functioning human being. Not like a scrambled chicken with my head cut off. Quite enjoyable. I was able to relax a bit, play, have dinner with my family, SHOWER, and make cream of rice for Brady and I to share. But tomorrow things change.

I've been thinking about finding someone to ride share with. It's a long haul to work, and even with the kick-ass milage my car gets, it still costs me about $7.50 (currant gas prices) just to go to and come home from work each day. It probably wont work till after thanksgiving, because I dont have much flexiblity until then with the hours I work.

Brady was a hand full last night. I take comfort in the fact that most adults can fall asleep on thier own w/out rocking, nursing, a bottle, or someone rubbing thier back half the night. So there is hope. Chances are, he is just a bit off because of this cold and ear infection.