Monday, October 13, 2008

velcro baby

Now that we are on week 3 of ear infections, I have labeled my kid the velcro baby. He has been stuck to my side.

Last night was a rough night. He woke a lot, then didnt want to be put down. I always try laying him back down and rubbing his back before I pick him up, it usually works. Last night it would not work, and when I picked him up he about choked me he was clinging to me so tight. (he has a case of the runs from his antibiotic) Any time I moved, he would wake up and hold me even tighter.

Nights like last night, make me wish I had that comfy rocking chair!

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Anonymous said...

Has your doctor mentioned ear tubes at all? both our kids had lots of ear infections and once the tubes went in they were much, much better!