Wednesday, October 1, 2008

feeling normal

shhhh... dont tell... but yesterday I worked from 9:30-6pm, and that is what I am working today too (as opposed to working 7:45-6, which is what I am ~supposed~ to be working). I feel like a normal, functioning human being. Not like a scrambled chicken with my head cut off. Quite enjoyable. I was able to relax a bit, play, have dinner with my family, SHOWER, and make cream of rice for Brady and I to share. But tomorrow things change.

I've been thinking about finding someone to ride share with. It's a long haul to work, and even with the kick-ass milage my car gets, it still costs me about $7.50 (currant gas prices) just to go to and come home from work each day. It probably wont work till after thanksgiving, because I dont have much flexiblity until then with the hours I work.

Brady was a hand full last night. I take comfort in the fact that most adults can fall asleep on thier own w/out rocking, nursing, a bottle, or someone rubbing thier back half the night. So there is hope. Chances are, he is just a bit off because of this cold and ear infection.

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