Monday, October 27, 2008

my organization efforts

I wish I was naturally one of those people that was an excellent organizer. You know who they are. I'm not. My way or organizing an area is to first have a desparate need, then an attack plan.

Our kitchen counter got attacked this weekend. It is the dumping grounds for when we come in the house. Particularily, the mail. So, I found this unused basket in the house and some colorful files. Made into piles everything on the counters in the kitchen. Then made a file for each: sarah's stuff, chris's stuff, sarah's attn needed, chris's attn needed, bills, coupons, to be filed, and receipts to keep. there was even some room in that basket for a cup that holds pens and scratch paper.

lets hope this helps us to keep our kitchen more organized.

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Anonymous said...

I tried to do that a year or so ago. Now I get in trouble because I put Robert's stuff in his own labeled box and because he doesn't look in there for bills, it's somehow my fault. Good luck. Makes the counter look nice but be prepared to hear "Where did you put this?"