Monday, December 6, 2010


over the weekend we celebrated both of the little boy's birthdays! The boys both enjoyed it I think.
Last night parker fell and (over nothing, and just walking!) eye landed on book. I took him to ER because I was quite concerned about his eye and the cut on the bottom. (the lower pict, you can really see the u shaped cut well). Long story short, P is tough. It took 3 of us to hold him down just to examine his eye. I wont tell you about getting the rectal temp! whoa. Doc said he technically should get a stich or glue in that lower lid cut (eye ball is fine) but to do that w.out sedation would be impossible. I agreed. And to sedate for this wsant worth it. I agreed. Unfortunatly, by not doing a stich the scar will probably be bigger and take longer to heal. But it was the right decision.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh, I have discovered and fallen in love with and Mostly because I love Target brand diapers. :) It is fabulous for busy people! I love it because I can place my orders on my lunch break, get free shipping, and it ships to my house in just 2 days. Seriously, if you are like me and have a hard time getting to the store- this is fabulous. The prices are very compariable to going to the box stores, sometimes even better because they have sales and coupons.

If you are going to try them out, either or use the referal code crankid and you will get 15% off your first purchase and I will get $$$ for refering you.

Honestly, give it a try!!!

Thursday, September 30, 2010

I mean really, is all this chaos in life worth it? GO GO GO. Dont forget this, or that. Pay this bill. File that here. Eat healthy? not really when so many meals are in the car. Enjoy the little things? right.

And dont tell me that is just how life is, because I think it's bs.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

pictures below!

so much has happened! Parker has 2 teeth! they just recently came. He got his first hair cut too. Our family took a trip to the Kalahari and had a blast! Sorry, few photos. Finally, the playhouse is done! we finished staining it yesterday. :)

late summer fun

Click here to view these pictures larger

Monday, August 30, 2010

Parker at 9 months old

My little peanut had his 9month checkup today. He is 18 lb and 15oz. 25th percentile for weight. 29" long, 75th percentile. He is right where he should be on everything!

Parker has 1 tooth almost in, and 1 just below the surface.
PArker claps when you say YAY! very cute.
He is a professional at army crawling, and he is fast!
He is content and happy most of the time.
Parker usually wakes 1 time a night, and prefers to keep his naps to a slight schedule.
He loves playing with his big brother and following him around the house.
Parker loves to be spoon fed! likes almost everything. He opens so wide it looks like it hurts!
When he gets picked up he usually pats your shoulder.
Parker likes to hug back!

I couldnt imagine my life without my little Parker. :)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

dancing family

Brady and I regularily have wednesday morning dance party (or sunday, or saturday....). So much fun dancing together. Parker has joined in the fun! so cute!! He bobs his head back and forth to the music. Extra fun when we get daddy to join us!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Summer Pictures

Look at that dedication to helping his daddy prepare beans. Or is it frustration trying to cut bean ends with a non-serated butter knife?

Somebody loves watermelon! He has been eating so much he has this permanate watermelon smell to him.

One of B's favorite things to do outside is water Mama's flowers! That is my new bed installed this year!

We took Brayden on a train ride in Spooner. Here, Brayden heard the horn! SO EXCITING!

Parker enjoying the train ride!

Friday, July 16, 2010

safer for us

I have slept with my babies in my bed numerous times, and I have zonked out in my rocking chair with them numerous times too. For me, I think it is way safer for me to put them in my bed with me and here is why.

When I am exhausted and baby isnt sleeping due to ear infection or something like that, and I wanna lay down, we co sleep. First we go to our own bed, without brother or daddy. I put a pillow behind me and I lean back of that so I can safely sleep and nurse. A pillow goes behind babe to so he doesnt roll away. We go in the middle of a big bed, and we dont use blankets. Not once have I had any sort of "close call" of hurting my baby. Seriously, never. With both my boys.

When I fall asleep holding my babies in my rocking chair....... I wont disclose how many times I have dropped them, or have woken up with them in weird positions unsafe positions.

updates galore

crazy. life has been that way.

Parker is on meds for the 3rd time since June 11th for ear infections. I havent slept much in the last 5 weeks. He hasnt had good sleep either, but at least he is a trooper! As for me.... life has been overwhelming, getting on top of me, and functioning/thinking hasnt been going well.
Parker is army crawling! Actually it looks like a frog with broken hips. He is pulling himself all over the house with his arms. Has been doing this for about a week and a half. So I would say he started this at 7.5months.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

word of the week

B has been saying soon, comes out "foon" all the time lately. I will ask him, do you want to help me with dishes, and he will say "foon". Everything I ask is- Soon. Except, do you want to go outside that is!

The other one, Parker, has figured out how to vibrate his lips and blow air thru. The majority of his waking moments are spent making that noise.

Very cute. Both my little angles are.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

normal work schedule

This summer I have been graced with a "normal" work schedule. Basically 5 days a week, 9-5. Probably will keep this schedule till the end of august. I have had it for a week now. It is nice having those extra 2 hours or so a day not at work. Very nice to experience a normal person's 40hr work week. Seasonal jobs blow. Well, not the slack time in the winter. LOL. Honestly tho- I would give up that slack time in the winter to have a consistant 40hr work week year round.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

it doesnt get much better then that!

kicked back on the couch, nursing one kid and holding hands with the other. does it get much better then that?

Friday, June 4, 2010

this. sums. it. up.

The hubby and I have been going round and round and round about some things. Last night/this morning pretty much summed it all up. We have come along ways in 6 months. Before this would have resulted in a fight, and the two of us saying things that we would later regret. Instead it resulted in chuckles, headshakes, and an agreement to disagree.

Here is what happened. Chris had a work meeting. I got home at 6:15, he left at 6:30pm. I fed myself and my 2 boys. got them washed up and jammies on. Got parker into bed and he fell alsleep happily on his own by 7:30. I read books with B until I was sure parker was asleep. (7:30) I told him mama was so tired and he said brady tired too. then I started our little routine. teeth, flouride, prayers, night night everybody, tuck, and lay down with him. (yes still have to do that). He was sleeping by 8, and so was I. Tuckered, long day of physical work.

So I thought, this is great! kids happy and rested. no fights for bed time, and peace in the house. I told Chris about this the next morning. He pointed out that the house was a mess and he would have made sure it was clean before bedtime. That totally sums it up. But, I am happy we are where we are and both have agrred to disagree about this topic and stop fighting about what or who is right or wrong!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Brady in Bobcat

I dont have time, it is spring, but I have to share a few pictures! It was my parent's business's 30th anniversary party this weekend.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Parker is rolling!

Parker has just started rolling over, the a professional and non stop! I would say at 5.5 months he started rolling over.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

first fight

my lil men had thier first fight. Brady took away Parkers toy, parker was reaching for it screaming until Brady gave it back. we have MANY years of this. My mom told me my sister started riping clothes off my body when I started standing. If you ask me, I think the older sibling comes out ahead.

Work is demanding lately. It is spring. (please insert swear word of your choice here) I wanted to cut out some of my milk pumping , 3 pumpings a day are needed to keep up with the demands of being away from my babe for 12 hours. So I thought I would ease the pressure by introducing a little formula. All we can do is 1 oz formula to 4 oz bm. Any more and he refuses his bottles entirely. We also tried introducing solids, and that hasnt gone well. He likes his boobie milk, from the source.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Parker at 4.5 months

Parker has started solids! Chris talked me into it. I was thinking he wasnt ready for it yet, but we are giving it a try.

Parker can also hold his own bottle! He has great coordination with his hands.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

nite nite!

Brady at nite: after the whole routine and crawls into bed.

Nite nite mom mom. nite nite daddy, nite nite parker, nite nite Oliver, nite nite RoRo, nite nite Cal, nite nite baby hudson, nite nite books, nite nite my room........ and last night he added nite nite french fries?!?!?!?! I almost LOL'ed!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

mommy's coffee!

So cute! last night a commercial came on for dunkin dounuts coffee (which btw, is FABULOUS coffee), catchy commercial too. Brady pointed a the tv and yelled- Mommy's coffee! lol.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

new cousin for my boys!

The boy's Aunt RoRo, and formerly Uncle RoRo, now Uncle cal had thier baby boy monday! He is so cute. Our family is so happy for them! These two have had quite the journey to get here. (Ro is Chris's sister, they are our closest family and they are extremely close with our boys. Esp. Auntie RoRo and B.)

At just 2 years old, Brady got to help name the baby Hudson! They liked Hudson and Harper. Brady could clearly (and cutely) say Hudson, but Harper sounded like Parker. Pretty cool that he got to help in the the final decision, sort of shows just how much he means to them! When we met hudson, Brady knew his name immediately. First called him My Hudson (parker is "My pah kah", then RoRo's hudson. Very sweet!

Seeing her brought back memories of B being born. Hudson is a lot like him- frantic when it comes to the groceries! She is hanging in there trying to nurse. Hopefully things get better when her milk comes in. Oh, those days with Brayden were so hard! I am fortunate to have had a baby like Parker the second time around!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

working on sentances

We have been making it a point to encourage B's sentances. He is really improving! Yesterday I had the truck, and had to pick up the boys from daycare. Not normal. When B saw the truck, he said Daddy Truck. So I said, daddy is fixing mommys car, it is broken. B said back to me "daddy fix mom-mom car, mom-mom naughty" yeah it is choppy, but I understood what he was saying. I tried teaching him to say accident, and what that means. Accident is hard to say. In the end, Mommy was still naughty, and daddy fix car. As B and I say, we break it, daddy fixes it!

I am quite lucky that he can fix my car rather then taking it it.... well, he and a co-worker. Dont think it cost us anything. They fabricated a part. Something was missing (of course dad thinks I hit something) in the exhaust line.... ask Chris if you want details. He showed it to me.

Oh... speaking of cars and brady..... you know you are going too fast when you hear "WEEEE!" from the back seat. LOL. He is quite the kid!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

New WI law!

New Wisconsin law protects breast-feeding mothers

MADISON, Wis. (AP) — Gov. Jim Doyle has signed a law granting mothers in Wisconsin the right to breast-feed in public places.
Under the measure, anyone who interferes with a breast-feeding mother in any location she’s authorized to be would face up to $200 in fines. In those locations, no one can prevent a mother from breast-feeding or tell her to cover up her breast or move.
The bill is designed to protect women who breast-feed in malls, restaurants and other places from harassment.
More than 40 other states have passed similar laws as part of a push to make breast-feeding more socially acceptable. Health officials say breast-feeding improves the health of babies and mothers.
Doyle signed the law today.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

shared toast with jam

I made it to work today. The little boys made it to childcare. Dad is home sick. It was a hectic morning, first deciding that I was in fact ok enough to go to work. so far so good. then getting the troops out the door having nothing prepared the night before. I was just 40 minuites late.

I like to teach my sons the importance of sharing. Brady is good at reminding me to "share". The monster already had his breakfast. I put in the truck toast with strawberry jam for my breakfast. B saw it, and said "share". so I broke him off some and "shared". then he says his heartbreakingly cute "thank you mom-mom". and if I dont say your welcome, he says it for me.

Anywho. Dropped B in his room, then dropped Parker. They took Parker out of his car seat and asked if we had toast for breakfast. Naturally I look at my shirt expecting some stuck to me. The girls laughed and pulled some crust stuck to parkers butt. So very nice of his brother to "share" after he chewed off all the jam and left the crust- then chucked it into his brothers seat. LOL.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the flu

is making its way thru our house right now. Yesterday I went to work, and left about 15 minutes later. It came on fast, and it was intense for about 12 hours. Then your left feeling weak and drained. I am just starting to explore liquids. At noon daycare called because B was sick. Dad had to pick him up and bring him home to add to the fun. Parker is off today. Anytime he moves or grunts he poops. He is spitting up more then usual- but I wouldnt call it vomit yet. Daddy says his tummy is gurgling. I am sure he is next.

Laundry got sorted by the amount of "flu" it got on it. One shirt got tossed. Luv it.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

working mom

It was hard to leave my little angels today. Even though B is sick, I had such a nice day off with him yesterday. And Parker, well, it's hard not to have an enjoyable time with that little guy. ugh. damn work.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

My Mirena experience

I have to blog this, I am finding this to be crazy and sort of funny.

Disclaimer: TMI! you've been warned to stop reading in you dont care to read about cervix's uterus's and vajayjays.

So. I thought the IUD mirena was the way to go for birth control. We are not sure if we are done having kids. We think we are, but not sure. So I went last wednesday to get it "installed" as I was affectionatly calling it. I know lots of happy mirena ladies who had no problems with it at all. Well, no go for installation on wednesday. My cervix wasnt letting anything in (after about 15 minutes of prodding it and pissing it off). I was instructed to get a prescrip for a cervix softener and come back the next day. Did so (cramped all night btw.). Thursday better luck, mirena went it. It was painful. so painful. It sucked. Dr. sent me to u/s to make sure it was in right, it wasnt. I have a very tilted uterus. Dr was willing to try again, I was not. It hurt too bad, and my cervix, vajayjay and uterus were all pissed off. Had it removed.

Woke up friday morning with a rash. That went away. Had bleeding and cramping for a few days, and an achey uterus, cervix and vajayjay. Got a bacterial infection and discovered I am allergic to iodine. (use your imagination were the iodine was used and the discomfort that caused).

G*d. I can take a hint. I must be destined to have more children.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Pump Handsfree.

This is sort of my public service announcement for pumping mom's. It changed my life, and chatting with other pumping mom's out there, I cant believe how many havent figured out how to pump hands free! So easy...

OK. Get a sports bra and cut holes in it. That way is super easy and requires no skill and little cost. Nuisince for pumping at work because you have to take the bra off and on.

2nd option, requires little skill. But a Medela Nursing bra. (not the sleep ones) All the medela bras I bought have these tabs in them. They are between the two layers of fabric on both cups. one on each side of the breast. Hook rubber bands to them, (I like hair ties, because they stay put, dont itch, and can be left on for washings!) and use the rubber bands to hold it up.

3rd option- use your imagination! Find a solution using what you have onhand to pump hands free. I sewed multiple tabs in one of my nursing bras so I can pump standing up getting ready for work in the morning. (yeah, changes how you look at pumping!)

Life becomes so much better when you arent sitting there holding the little bottles pumping. You can blog, ;), write, read, nurse one side while pumping the other, hold hands with a 2yo, the options are endless. Gets you darn closer to having pumping time be me time (but dont tell ur husbands!) I am still considering if I should figure out how to pump and drive......

Now I am waiting for someone to invent a way to pump and go on with your normal life- like 100% discreetly pumping in public.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maternity leave is over!

I am so sad. Back to the grind tomorrow. At the least, this was a GREAT time off with my new baby, and I got to spend some nice time with B too. I even got some ME time and did some things I love- like sewing and scrapping. Got some closets cleaned out.... Excellent time off work. Feel recovered and satisfied.

Way different then my last maternity leave. That one wasnt this long and I was so sleep deprived.

Cant believe I am going back to work. Time for a whole new ballgame of stresses and busyness. I already feel like I am busy!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

sleeping babies

Here's a little dialog of what I think my boys thought as babes.

"ahh, love to be held"
"you know if yoy put me down I will scream!!"
"dont fall asleep, dont fall asleep, I know she will put me down, I cant fall asleep"
"AHHH!!!! she put me down!" ~screaming~ "come get me, come get me now!" ~more crying and louder~
"ahh, I love to be held"
(repeat multiple times thru the night and day)

"hmm. Mom put me in this crib and turned the lights off. hmmm. I cant see anything. At least I got this nuk in my mouth"
"hmm. must have doozed off and l lost my nuk. Oh, but here is my thumb. nice!"
(repeat thru the night an unknown amount of times because mom is sleeping and Parker is just barely grunting occassionally)
"wow, I feel good!" (8-10 hours later)

Monday, February 15, 2010

pictures below

finally can type a bit- the dresser was made by chris, for parkers room. I get 2 pick out the pulls. :) the other 2, my boys- 3 months and 26 months.

quick picts

Friday, February 12, 2010

Brady melts my heart when he says:

Thank You MomMom. He is SO polite. in the middle of the night he try to get into bed with us and i will help he- then he says thank you mommom. I cant help but smile.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm quite crunchy really

Havent really thought of myself as being a "crunchy" mommy- but I have become one.
Cloth diapers- is my prefered diaper and use them as often as I can. (not at night and going someplace over the weekend)
Glass Baby Bottles- Brady didnt use glass, but Parker is/will.
Breastmilk and only breastmilk.
Freezing Milk and Storing Milk in Glass. Did that with both boys.
Co-slept with Brady. Only way that kid would sleep and I would sleep. Parker is naturally a crib lover- it is so weird after a kid like B!

However, Chris isnt really on board. I can get him to use cloth by constantly doing the math of the money we are saving. But if I am not throwing a cloth diaper to him at a diaper change he almost always grabs a disposible. Glass bottles, he doesnt really care except they wash way easier then plastic. He is pretty much with me on the breast milk, but if formula was handy he would probably grab it and use it. He is with me on the freezing/storing in glass- he has never bucked that one.

So, other crunchy families out there- how do things work in your house? Both of you in agreement?

a hot and a cold

This is working out quite nice- all the outfits that B did not get to wear because they were too hot for him- Parker is enjoying! B sweats in fleeces, they seem to be a favorite of Parkers.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

pumping time is me time?

WTF? this is "dad's" thought, that my pumping time is me time. LOL. Serisously. LMAO sort of LOL!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

finished b's baby book!

Woot! I completed Brady's 1st year, his baby book! Here is a picture of the last pages, a couple of my favorite. :) This was so much fun, excellent thing to cross off the list (the fun list as scrapping is my favorite pasttime!) for things to do while on maternity leave.

Friday, January 22, 2010

the best xmas gift!

check out my new work space! I love it! I am totally set up and into scrapbooking right now, so the space is being used effectively. He isnt done, some finishing work needs to be done- but in the mean time I can use it! Yesterday and today have been nice, I have had some time to scrap, and I am about 6 pages away from having Brady's baby book done! :)

Thursday, January 21, 2010


oh goodness. the word boobs in our house. Parker is obsessed with boobs for obvious reasons- he has every right to be! Brady loves to touch my boobs, mostly when he falls asleep. And chris, well, he can stop pawing at me too! When B sees my breastpump, or the parts and peices, he yells boobs! when he sees me feeding parker, he yells boobs! when he sees a bottle of breastmilk, he yells boobs!

Thursday, January 14, 2010


Oh, getting online hasnt been easy. The days that Brady is home with me are crazy busy with those 2 little boys. He is going to daycare 3 days a week, and those days I cram full of things I want to do. They are me and parker days, so Parker can get a little attention because Brady hogs it when he is home! And when he naps I try to get stuff done. I have been skipping naps for the last week and I surely feel it. Some nights go great, others.... well, you know!

I've been thinking that I have to sit down with my hubby and chat about some stuff that I need to forgive and forget. It's not like me to to feel like this and hold on to these resentments. That can't be good for our marriage.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Parker's Baptism day

Yesterday we baptised Parker. We chose my sister as his god-mother and Chris's BIL as his god-father. We had a wonderful turnout from our family! The day was awesome, just sped by too fast. Parker didnt seem to notice it was his special day. He slept thru church, then trhu baptism, and thru his party. He wore the same clothes that Brayden wore. He is so handsome and happy in the second picture down.

What's a party without some messes? Brayden got ahold of my lipstick after everyone left.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Brady at 2

Brayden is 31lbs and 34.5" tall. He absolutely loves trains.His "choo-choo" with the arm motions is adorable. Brady's vocabulary seems to be growing daily. He is picking up on so much. He is still fiesty and sleep isnt his favorite thing.