Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I'm quite crunchy really

Havent really thought of myself as being a "crunchy" mommy- but I have become one.
Cloth diapers- is my prefered diaper and use them as often as I can. (not at night and going someplace over the weekend)
Glass Baby Bottles- Brady didnt use glass, but Parker is/will.
Breastmilk and only breastmilk.
Freezing Milk and Storing Milk in Glass. Did that with both boys.
Co-slept with Brady. Only way that kid would sleep and I would sleep. Parker is naturally a crib lover- it is so weird after a kid like B!

However, Chris isnt really on board. I can get him to use cloth by constantly doing the math of the money we are saving. But if I am not throwing a cloth diaper to him at a diaper change he almost always grabs a disposible. Glass bottles, he doesnt really care except they wash way easier then plastic. He is pretty much with me on the breast milk, but if formula was handy he would probably grab it and use it. He is with me on the freezing/storing in glass- he has never bucked that one.

So, other crunchy families out there- how do things work in your house? Both of you in agreement?

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Sarah R said...

We are completely in agreement; DH is even crunchier than I am when it comes to natural living (his deals more with natural foods and whatnot). He will freak out when he finds out something bad that's in something, but he's pretty aware -- it's been 10 years since he started making major changes to products we bought.