Tuesday, February 23, 2010

How to Pump Handsfree.

This is sort of my public service announcement for pumping mom's. It changed my life, and chatting with other pumping mom's out there, I cant believe how many havent figured out how to pump hands free! So easy...

OK. Get a sports bra and cut holes in it. That way is super easy and requires no skill and little cost. Nuisince for pumping at work because you have to take the bra off and on.

2nd option, requires little skill. But a Medela Nursing bra. (not the sleep ones) All the medela bras I bought have these tabs in them. They are between the two layers of fabric on both cups. one on each side of the breast. Hook rubber bands to them, (I like hair ties, because they stay put, dont itch, and can be left on for washings!) and use the rubber bands to hold it up.

3rd option- use your imagination! Find a solution using what you have onhand to pump hands free. I sewed multiple tabs in one of my nursing bras so I can pump standing up getting ready for work in the morning. (yeah, changes how you look at pumping!)

Life becomes so much better when you arent sitting there holding the little bottles pumping. You can blog, ;), write, read, nurse one side while pumping the other, hold hands with a 2yo, the options are endless. Gets you darn closer to having pumping time be me time (but dont tell ur husbands!) I am still considering if I should figure out how to pump and drive......

Now I am waiting for someone to invent a way to pump and go on with your normal life- like 100% discreetly pumping in public.

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Sarah R said...

Hey, thanks for the tips! I will only be pumping at work, and believe me -- I welcome the break. I'll just take the time for some deep reflection.