Saturday, November 28, 2009

so, exactly 24 hours I hoped my water would break- it really did. 4pm saturday. Parker Chase was born Sunday 11:36pm. The LONG birth story will be written and posted soon.

Friday, November 20, 2009

another hunting weekend

Do you know what I would give to have my water break at about 3 or 4pm today? Wisconsin Rifle season starts tomorrow morning. The grocery store was a zoo with men and carts full of liqour and junk food- the parking lot was even scarier because they suck at parking. Chris is leaving this evening to go about 1.25 hours away hunting.

So.. here's the distance... 1.25 hours away from house- probably 1.25 hours from hospital- not driving directly past the house- if he drove home first and got me, it is about another hour to the hospital. So, I am planning to line up some help for time while he is gone, just incase I go into labor.... someone for B and someone for me!

This best get that hunting out of his system for the season. Someone needs to wash the floor and vaccum the carpets! I can do about everything else, but vacuuming pulls at my round ligiments so much, and the washing the floors.... moving stuff.... ugh... havent dont that in months!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

sneak peak at baby!

It was hard to get much for images of baby because things are snug in there- but I am happy with this one! sorry for the poor quality, I took a picture of the picture. It hard to see the lovely full lips in this image too, but you can see the cheeks!

ultra sound update!

(hey my last post was my 444th post! WOW!)

Finally home from our u/s. I have confirmed a few things- yep, that is a butt (big butt in my words, no evidence tho) up in my rib cage right side. And yep, that is a foot firmly planted just below my rib cage on the left side. A very persistant foot.

Baby is not measuring huge. I feel really good about the measurements. + or - 1lb from 7lbs 14oz. And the u/s measurements put an EDD of 11/27 rather then 11/24. Fluid looked good. Otherwise, that baby is squeezed tight in there. I can honestly say my belly is ALL BABY.

We got some good 3d images. Baby was just too big to get any of the regular images to look ok. I am going to try taking a picture of the images so I can post them since I dont have a scanner. I am calling the baby Cheeks till he/she is here. Beautiful chubby checks! Full lips like his/her mommy and brother. Cute nose too.

39 week appt update

Late yesterday I saw Dr. W. Of course hoping for something, some sort of progress. Nope, still sealed up tight and high. Ugh. My BP was down just a little bit from last week too. No protien or sugar in my urine either. So that is all good. (TMI alert! I was way hopeful because the previous night I had bloody show and lost a ton of mucus, somthing has to be happening, right?)

I am measuring 41cms, so we scheduled an u/s to see how big the baby is. I really dont know what to think of this. B was always measuring 3 weeks big till the very end. And Dr. L. said 9 lb plus. And born at 41 weeks he was 7lb 8oz. The u/s even said a bigger baby. The thoughts are if we are showing a huge baby to schedule a c-section and not even attempt labor. Part of me says NO C-SEC! other part tells me to just give in, that it is going to happen anyway. What does my incredibly supportive husband say? here is a sample: "it is what it is", "I hope I can go hunting this weekend", "we'll be fine, it will work out". What would I like him to say? "stay strong, I know it has to be hard, but dont give up on the v-bac yet".

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

39 wks!

I go to the dr. later today. so should have another update then.

Since my night of contractions last wednedsay, I have been almost constantly crampy day in and day out. And "butt pressure" has been almost constant. It has been like one long, extremely bad period. I have been dealing w/ the misery, and enjoying the moments when I am cramp/pressure free. (of course, I have all the other late pregnancy aches and pains on top of this too!)

Friday, November 13, 2009

nursery for baby #2

Well, I dont have the patience for this today- so I have no idea how pretty this post is going be- my pictures wont move dammit! The crib is complete, and moved in, set up and beautiful! Brady tried it out and approves. I've included a another photo of the changes we did since it was B's room. Painted the back wall sage green and added some tree branches. The rocking chair pictured isnt MY rocking chair- I hate that one, it is a very bad nursing rocking chair. MY rocking chair is still in the living room, shortly it will be swapped out.

a dose of uncomfortableness

I forgot to mention- at my 38 wk 2 day appointment yesterday I was measuring a highly uncomfortable 40.5. I find myself arching my back to get caught up on O2 intake. (hb was 137, has always been 135-140, but we dont believe those OWT's)

Chris, when he is home that is, sneaks out of our bed at night because of my horrific snoring. All I gotta say is sweet revenge!
Chris came home for 2 nights, monday and tuesday- he finished the crib and moved it in the house! Pictures to be posted soon, I promise! It is beautiful! Then went away again hunting wednesday afternoon.

During the evening I started noticing cramping and major pressure that would last for a minute or so and would come in go. When I was relaxing w/ B I paid more attention to them because they were stronger- no clock- but I counted 4 of them and 45 minutes had elapsed. Now I noticed that they hurt. So, I started timing them, not really knowing what I was doing at this point- but they were 10-12 minutes apart. So I called Chris and put him "on call". But he drove the normal 1.25 hr trip in an hour. So this was about 10pm. The pain kepts getting more intense thru the night, and when I did time them they were 8 minutes apart. Then somewhere around 2 or 3am- they stopped being consistant and became very random. And thru the day thursday they were random. Still painful, but very random.

I had a scheduled 38 wk OB appt at 3:30. Went in, he checking things out, I am dilated 0. Seriously?!?!?! All those hours of pain, and 0?????????? I couldnt believe it. And my BP is creeping up. I have started to swell a bit in the last week too. So, they are collecting a urine sample every week.

So, since then, still random contractions- lots of pressure and cramping. Extremely uncomfortable to say the least. Even still a bit exhausted from all the contractions/pain and excitement. Chris keeps asking my thoughts on going hunting, and I say "I dont know". At what point do I call him? this can go on for days, even weeks. We'll check the weather, and decide what he can do today and come up w/ a plan to help me out. Being that it is the weekend it will be easier to ask people for help. I am not officially on maternity leave from work- obvisouly didnt work yesterday- feel I need to rest today rather then going in exhausted.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

38 weeks today

Over the weekend my mom, and neice Taylor came to visit/help out. My sister and other neice were supposed to come too- but neice Breanna had a fever. We had a nice weekend and restocked the cupboards! that was the big thing.

We also browsed for a coming home outfit. I was thinking of picking up a pink NB outfit, and also taking one of brady's NB outfits too. Somehow a neutral one got held up- and B got all exctied because it had a "duck duck" on it! And he held it saying Baby. So cute. Sure it wasnt pink- but we just had to get it as the coming home outfit. Considering B wont be able to come to the hospital this "duck duck" outfit will be perfect for B to meet the baby in.

I am not nervous or anxious about the birth of the baby. Very hopeful for a v-bac, quite determined really. And I like to say my due date is between today and the next 28 days (42wks). Makes me think I can hang in there for the long haul. So far there is no reason why I cant, blood pressure is still good. :) I am in a much better place mentally right now then I was when I was pregnant with B. Makes me happy I decided to continue treatment for depression and anxiety thru the pregnancy, I was a basketcase last time!

I am nervous about having a new baby. I really didnt like the baby thing last night. Wondering if I will be able to handle all the stresses that come with a new baby. It was so unbearably hard when B was born. The whole next year was the worst year of my life because of my mental state. Hopefully I wont have a repeat of that, I dont think I can bear it again.

Monday, November 9, 2009

where did baby go?

At this time last week, this same thing happened. My belly feels empty, sort of flabby and flat. I also feel few movements. So, last week I rushed to the Dr. for a NST, and I measured small too. (2 days later I measured back on track). I really wonder just where this baby is going, or what position he/she is in. After all this time of feeling so full and the movements in the same spots this is such a weird sensation. Last week, this lasted for 2 days only. Today, I do feel a bit of pressure on my bum, so maybe baby is dropping down a bit. Hmmm. baffled. I'll try not to freak about not feeling so many movements.

Friday, November 6, 2009

away he goes!

After today, chris starts his week of vacation. In an ideal world he would be spending the entire time away from home hunting. Being that I am 37.5wks prego, his ideal world is shattered.

(first comment: any mom's out there that would ever take a week vacation completely away from the house and family? I am talking, leave immediatly friday night after work, be gone for 9 days and return home late sunday night.)

So, the plan is he will leave tonight- my mom, sister and her 2 girls are coming tomorrow till sunday, and Chris will return either Sunday, monday, or tuesday depending on me and the weather. Then the rest of his time is up in the air. He wants to return a bit anyway to work on the crib- it has been stained! Needs to be varnished, then moved in and set up! YAY!

Quick update on my appt yesterday. Hemoglobin is fabulous, baby is head down, HB beautiful. On tuesday I went in because things felt off- I felt empty and less movements. We did a non stress test (NST) and all was fine. I measured 37, the same same as 2 weeks ago. Yesterday, 2 days later, I measured 38.5 and felt full again. I thnk baby went on a vacation for a few days- found some nook or cranny to crawl into and hide out.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

crib update and our duck-duck!

Its getting there! still lots of tedious work left, but it is getting closer.
Brady loved his duck-duck costume! (he call's ducks, duck duck, so that has become the name for duck ducks) He was such a precious duck too! He did great trick or treating. Luckily he was feel better so he could go. His ears/sinus infection seem to be much better. We only went to friends and family. It was fun for mom and dad too!