Friday, November 20, 2009

another hunting weekend

Do you know what I would give to have my water break at about 3 or 4pm today? Wisconsin Rifle season starts tomorrow morning. The grocery store was a zoo with men and carts full of liqour and junk food- the parking lot was even scarier because they suck at parking. Chris is leaving this evening to go about 1.25 hours away hunting.

So.. here's the distance... 1.25 hours away from house- probably 1.25 hours from hospital- not driving directly past the house- if he drove home first and got me, it is about another hour to the hospital. So, I am planning to line up some help for time while he is gone, just incase I go into labor.... someone for B and someone for me!

This best get that hunting out of his system for the season. Someone needs to wash the floor and vaccum the carpets! I can do about everything else, but vacuuming pulls at my round ligiments so much, and the washing the floors.... moving stuff.... ugh... havent dont that in months!


Sarah R said...

Doing some cleaning might just get your water to break!

I HATE hunting season. I can only thank my lucky stars that my husband would rather play with his plants and read National Geographic than hunt! :)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you let him out of the house. You are a very loving wife. I hope Chris knows how lucky he is.