Wednesday, November 18, 2009

ultra sound update!

(hey my last post was my 444th post! WOW!)

Finally home from our u/s. I have confirmed a few things- yep, that is a butt (big butt in my words, no evidence tho) up in my rib cage right side. And yep, that is a foot firmly planted just below my rib cage on the left side. A very persistant foot.

Baby is not measuring huge. I feel really good about the measurements. + or - 1lb from 7lbs 14oz. And the u/s measurements put an EDD of 11/27 rather then 11/24. Fluid looked good. Otherwise, that baby is squeezed tight in there. I can honestly say my belly is ALL BABY.

We got some good 3d images. Baby was just too big to get any of the regular images to look ok. I am going to try taking a picture of the images so I can post them since I dont have a scanner. I am calling the baby Cheeks till he/she is here. Beautiful chubby checks! Full lips like his/her mommy and brother. Cute nose too.

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Sarah R said...

That is great can rest easy knowing it's not a giant in there. :) Hopefully it won't be too long now.