Tuesday, September 30, 2008

lots of ear infections

This a.m. when I dropped Brady off with his sitter, she said that all the kids have double ear infections. They all got a high fever fast, and ear infections. Must have been a virus.

Chris has a head cold. So, the world has stopped. LOL. Our house has had it's share of bugs already this year. Not looking forward to this winter.

Brady is still a bit off. His meds have givin him the runs. I am trying not to put him in bed with me at night (so no habits form), so I am spending time rubbing his back while he is falling asleep. Hope this dedication pays off really soon. Daddy (b4 the world stopped) helped with this task over the weekend.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

big 3-0 today

It's my 30th birthday today. I am working. Not much celebrating goin on. I think we are grilling steaks tonight. The fact that I am now 30, doesnt really phase me. No biggy.

Friday, September 26, 2008

I've been tagged

I've been tagged by Sarah: http://dragonandrew.blogspot.com/ Joy! I loved Sarah's random facts... now you get to hear 7 of mine.

1. I am a picker. If I have a pimple, I must pick it. A scab, gotta pick it. Anything that really shouldnt be there... I gotta pick it. I HAVE to pick it. Just HAVE to. OH! chris has this crater on the side of his face.... about once a month I get to pick it! LOL, it causes me so much happiness to empty that crater next to his ear. LOL. (anyone think I am whacked?)

2. I confuse the words filthy, and filty. I don't know if I am filthy or filty. which on is it again?

3. My dreams are so vivid I confuse them with real life. Some days I end up quite confused.

4. I am obsessed with the amount of sleep that I get or dont get these days. when you are lacking it on a nightly basis, it can become an obsession. Seriously, you can pay me with sleep.... if that was possible.

5. I absolutley hate to clean my car. Yeah, I love a clean car- but that is so rare. I hate vacumming it, wiping things down. Just hate it. Lots of plants get hauled in that car, so it is full of dirt and leaves! I also eat breakfast (and sometimes lunch or dinner) in there too.... I throw out the trash, but the crumbs stay with me.

6. Who's dat? What dat? How dat? I say dat way too much! I think I sound like a redneck.

7. I occassionally google "when to be hospitalized for mental disorder", just to ensure myself that it isnt needed quite yet.

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enonomy and work complaints

Many businesses are needing to downsize because prices are going up. In the case of business I work for, we havent lost work in comparison to the last 3 seasons but we have decreased the amount of staff working. Prices of fuel have gone up, plants, products, everything has gone up. So..... less staff, and same amount of work...... It makes no sence! People are being pushed to work harder, longer hours. But now we are doing the work of 2 or more people. No raises are in sight either, and our cost of living is skyrocketing.

What irritates me, is that I am salary. No one here has job descriptions, because everyone works together to get things done (my bosses idea). But we are all strapped, and trying to get our own departments work done..... and we are supposed to help each other? When I bring up that I am unhappy with the hours that I am working, I am told that I am not getting paid for the hours that I work, but the job that I do (salary). Ok.... no job description, not enough staff.... how do I know when to end my day? In previous seasons it was when the work was done I left. This season, I just leave at the end of ~my shift~. Because if I wait till the work is done, I aint never leavin!

With the economy in this scarey state that we are currently in- I am unable to make a decision. We would like to move, maybe build, maybe buy land. Scared to do that right now! Will jobs be available in 5 years? I am starting to wonder. I'd like to make the sacrifice (live simply) and either go PT or get a new job (maybe even be a SAHM)- but to scared to make that move with how the economy looks.

So I guess I will just hang tight. Try to be as happy as I can be today, and tomorrow. Hope our economy shapes up so I can make some changes in my life.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

hope he doesnt take after me

I had a ton of ear infections as a child. Tubes put in multiple times (I am sure mom knows just how many times), and even had to have my eardrum reconstructed (in 3rd grade, I remeber that because my teacher, Mrs. Larson, gave me a yellow bunny, it was just b4 easter). I remember the pain of them, seemed to happen ALL time time until about 6th grade. I threw up from them too. In 5th grade I yaked on my desk, my teacher, Mr. Solberg, ran out of the classroom so fast, and so did all the other kids. I was so embarassed. But the ear infections did that to me. I missed lots of school. I still get them fairly often as an adult, about 2 a year.

Brady has had 4 ear infections since he was born. 3 of them were from birth to 4 months. It feels more like he has had a dozen of them. This last one has been the most difficult on all of us. He cried so hard there were streams of tears. He wanted nothing but to be in my arms (I have mastered using the toilet while holding a kid, not that I ever wanted to master that..... but it was better then the screaming from being put down). Dad even had a hard time, all of his tricks (distractions, truck rides) failed.

Anywho. I hope he doesnt take after me, and we have a good winter with few ear infections.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

to be a mom of a sick kid

is sort of powerful. The sick kid wants Mom and no one else will do.

The good points:
  • I got to take a nice nap (because I could not put someone down!)
  • I got to watch a movie, Fool Gold (because I could not put someone down!)
  • I got the bills paid
  • We cuddled most of the day

The bad points:
  • Wow, my arms are tired from holding a 22 pound chunk all day.
  • I got no sleep last night.
  • I realize once again what it was like with a needy newborn attached to the breast.
  • This is taking forever to type, why do the keys have to click?
  • I had to miss work and I am so far behind. (daddy just doesnt suffice when Brady is sick, he wants his mommy!)
  • It's hard for me to hang out in my house doing absolutely nothing (make something, clean something).

BTW, Baby B has a double ear infection and a high fever. Nothing else really.... no cold...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My 9 month old son

Isnt this outfit just cute? Sunday Brady first wore his cowboys outfit for Uncle Cal. Aww, shoot, I forgot to take a picture. ;-p

Everytime Brady see the door open, he is headed outside.

Grandma Bev and Aunt Shel kept brady entertained at the wedding this last weekend. they were shocked the amount of dinner he ate.
Brady in his "fancy pants", we are borrowing that name from Jen, John and Erin who are also trying out the clothe diapers with thier 5 week old. This is his Happy Heiny, in cow print.

I love this nursing photo. These are the beautiful blue eyes I see smiling at me everyday. That alone is enough "thanks mom". With his finger pointing and his smile, it's as if he is saying "this stuff is the bomb!". (or.... this is tits... LOL)

Brady likes to stand at the tub while Daddy prepares his bath. He likes to watch daddy swirl the water, he bangs on the side of the tub while he waits to get in. Last night they tried bubble bath! It was successful.

Friday, September 19, 2008

first word!

Dada. He said Dada, to his Dada last night. Doesnt seem fair, does it? But I will let Dada have his happy ~moment~. ;-) Never mind that Mama nourished you for months on end, and is still giving up sleep for you. ;-) It's still sweet he said his first word, even if it wasnt Mama. :-)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

our night time diaper history

Brady has been wetting thru diapers for months now! We have tried them all! During the day he wears Luv's #3 and does fabulous in them. When he first started wetting thru at night we tried different brands of #4's then didnt work- he wet thru, and for awhile the huggies overnights #4's worked. In the last 2 weekend he has been wetting thru a huggies #4 by 2am! I tried all the other brands.... same results. Went back to #3's- that was a mess! and even tried 5's. still leaked thru!

Does he hold his pee all day, and wait till night? His mama thinks so! Way gross TMI ahead: I wrung the pee out of the soakers 2 nights ago, and it was unbelievable how much pee was in there!

Anyway- last night he wore a Happy Hempy: http://www.naturalbums.com/bumshop-pages/happyhempy.html with this hemp liner: http://www.naturalbums.com/bumshop-pages/insert_pages/happyheinystuffininserts.html and this cover: http://www.naturalbums.com/bumshop-pages/bummiscovers.html IT WORKED (that was one heavy diaper this morning)! He did not wet thru, his skin was beautifully dry this morning too. Downfall, all that stuff between his legs was kinda bulky. Bigger downfall- $$$$$$$$. So, we will try it again- maybe with a cheaper soaker? Before we invest in more of these particular diapers. (I wont have to buy alot of covers, those can be reused, and they dry really fast too.)

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

cant win

he wet thru last night. I tried a bum genius w/ a hemp stuffin and one of the bum genius soakers too.... on to something else tonight!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cloth diapers

so I bought a few last night to give a try, in hopes of avoiding the middle of the night diaper change. (and the leaking thru his diaper too) I got a Happy Heiny, a BumGenius, and a Happy Hempy. Also an assortment of "stuffing". There is a local company in Marshfield: www.naturalbums.com Check out the diapers if you havent seen what cloth diapering in 2008 is. check out the brands I mentioned!

I have always thought I would cloth diaper (pre-baby thoughts), but Chris is strongly opposed so I never pushed it. Still, I would like to try it. He didnt even want to look at them last night! till I said, "fine I will return them- but I plan to wake you up every night at 2am to a screeming/wet baby to change his clothes and his crib sheets". Then he agreed to look at them, and even said they were very soft.

While washing them last night I checked them over, they dont look all that hard to make. I am a decent sewer.... we'll see.

Saturday, September 13, 2008


wow, did that hurt! for the first time Brady bit me while nursing. I think we did the right thing, but I am nervous for our next nursing.

So here is what happened- he bit me, I pulled away and said firmly (and painfully) "Brady no, biting hurts mommy". He cried really, really hard. (made my heart sad, this was the first time I have had to discipline my little boy) I hugged him, then quit the nursing and gave him to dad. About an hour later we nursed again, and all was fine. Let's hope this remains a rare thing, because those sharp toothers HURT!

Back to my rocking chair/recliner obsession. ;-) I have started a rocking chair fund envelope in my closet. Any extra $$$ I stumble upon it goes in there. There is now $10.40 in it. I called in to cancel the gap insurance for paying off my car.... so I get the $10.40. Now....... I made the effort to pay off the car over a year early, shouldnt that money that we saved go into my rocking chair fund? I have decided I want the smaller one that I showed in a photo below. It really does fit ME better then the big comfy cushy one that fits Chris better.

Friday, September 12, 2008

new hair cut

Done with the ponytail every day look! It was time for a change. (no this is not the change I needed to stop the shit dreams either!)

This style should be easy, esp. considering I can throw on a baseball hat or stocking hat for work. I can doll it up if I desire too. I havent had bangs in probably 20 years either! so this should be a fun new style to try out.

Watcha think?

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

enough with the shit dreams!

Almost every night I have a dream that involves shit! Last night it was the toilet was overflowing and I could not get it to stop, and shit was everywhere. The other night there was shit in my bed. A recurrent dream of mine is me at the bottom of a hill with a septic pumper truck at the top- and the shit is flowing out of the truck down the hill towards me and I cant move.

A dream analyzer isn't needed to figure out why I am having all these dreams lately.

Monday, September 8, 2008

rocking chair quest

The rocking chair I have works, and it is soft. But it really doesnt fit me very well, and I dont find it that comfortable for the number of hours I spend in it, and have spent in it in the last 9 months. The back is really curved, and it makes it hard to nurse. I have modified it with a ton of pillows and blankets to make it remotely comfy. I have gotten some back aches from it.

Saturday Chris, Brayden and I went to the furniture store- just to see what they have. I fell in love with 2 chairs. They are over $600 each. Beautiful gliding motion.... oh so comfy! They are actually ~recliners~ more then they are rocking chairs. Chris loved the chocolate colored one, that was a recliner. It fit him well, but not me perfectly. I liked that one, and another one...

here it is... sort of. I like a different fabric and color..... and the one I liked was a swivel glider. Its a lazy boy. It fit me well, but it felt small to him.

This rocking chair is all I think about lately! I really would ike a new one... but over $600..... dont know if I can do it. We have other NEEDS... like a new matress.

Friday, September 5, 2008

yay for weekend!

I am SO happy it is here, and SO happy I will not be working. Major napping is on my adgenda.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

life is great with:

diaper bags: I can stash so much stuff in one of those! Snack for baby, snack for me. Drink for baby, drink for me. Diapers of course. My wallet. nail clipper.

strollers: sort of like the diaper bag, you can stash so much stuff in it!

empty baby food jars: pill bottle, salad dressing to work, freezing your own baby food in, fresh chopped garlic.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

our labor day

now that I have that gripe out of my system..... life can go on.

I am lunching, in my 90 degree office, and it is about 150% humidity. Maybe that is why I am full of complaints. The worse part... my valuable staff (no gripes there! they ROCK!) are either home with a newborn, at school teaching, or the day off. So I am inhaling my lunch while I sweat and type.

Brady and I had a fabulous day together yesterday. Daddy worked the labor day picnic all weekend. Brady seems to be at the very tail end of his cold and his teeth have poked thru- so life is better. We ate cantalope together, and peaches together too! He loves to suck on fruit with mommy and we get all sticky.

Every day, Chris and I say what a perfect little boy he is. He sort of came with a manual, we know when he is hungry, tired or just too hot. VERY VERY rarely does he just crab (when he is hot, LOL). He doesnt need someone there playing with him- he loves to play and explore things by himself too.

Brady had a tummy ache from his food I think. Couple hours after he ate Gerber #2 sweet potatoe and corn (pureed and so thin I added cereal) he started spitting up and it looked uncomofrtable. He would not nurse or take a bottle, and acted like he wanted to sleep but could not. This kid.... something HAS to be off for him not want to nurse! Daddy and I argued about who was going to bed and who was staying up with Brady, this was at 8:45. LOL. I tried snuggling Brady in the spare bed with me, and rubbed his back while he cried. Slowly he calmed down and fell asleep. After his 1am feeding he was just fine! whew!

is it me, or them with the problem?

major gripe time! This erks me so much at work! Sure, I am outside working... watering... whatever. I HATE when people pull up in the parking lot, and wave me over to ask me something. AAHHH! Get out of your car, and come ask me your question!

This morning, I had people do this before 11am! Serisously?!?! The first one was just passing thru and wanted to know what a bug was that she had in a jar. Ummm... cant you get out of your car and ask? The second one was needing directions. YOU need directions.... so YOU should get out of your car.

Maybe I look young and energetic? (which I am not, I am exhausted pretty much everyday). Is it that generation? They are usually 65 plus. Is it too hot to get out of the car? Sure, I would LOVE to stand on hot concrete and talk to you!