Thursday, September 25, 2008

hope he doesnt take after me

I had a ton of ear infections as a child. Tubes put in multiple times (I am sure mom knows just how many times), and even had to have my eardrum reconstructed (in 3rd grade, I remeber that because my teacher, Mrs. Larson, gave me a yellow bunny, it was just b4 easter). I remember the pain of them, seemed to happen ALL time time until about 6th grade. I threw up from them too. In 5th grade I yaked on my desk, my teacher, Mr. Solberg, ran out of the classroom so fast, and so did all the other kids. I was so embarassed. But the ear infections did that to me. I missed lots of school. I still get them fairly often as an adult, about 2 a year.

Brady has had 4 ear infections since he was born. 3 of them were from birth to 4 months. It feels more like he has had a dozen of them. This last one has been the most difficult on all of us. He cried so hard there were streams of tears. He wanted nothing but to be in my arms (I have mastered using the toilet while holding a kid, not that I ever wanted to master that..... but it was better then the screaming from being put down). Dad even had a hard time, all of his tricks (distractions, truck rides) failed.

Anywho. I hope he doesnt take after me, and we have a good winter with few ear infections.

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