Tuesday, September 2, 2008

our labor day

now that I have that gripe out of my system..... life can go on.

I am lunching, in my 90 degree office, and it is about 150% humidity. Maybe that is why I am full of complaints. The worse part... my valuable staff (no gripes there! they ROCK!) are either home with a newborn, at school teaching, or the day off. So I am inhaling my lunch while I sweat and type.

Brady and I had a fabulous day together yesterday. Daddy worked the labor day picnic all weekend. Brady seems to be at the very tail end of his cold and his teeth have poked thru- so life is better. We ate cantalope together, and peaches together too! He loves to suck on fruit with mommy and we get all sticky.

Every day, Chris and I say what a perfect little boy he is. He sort of came with a manual, we know when he is hungry, tired or just too hot. VERY VERY rarely does he just crab (when he is hot, LOL). He doesnt need someone there playing with him- he loves to play and explore things by himself too.

Brady had a tummy ache from his food I think. Couple hours after he ate Gerber #2 sweet potatoe and corn (pureed and so thin I added cereal) he started spitting up and it looked uncomofrtable. He would not nurse or take a bottle, and acted like he wanted to sleep but could not. This kid.... something HAS to be off for him not want to nurse! Daddy and I argued about who was going to bed and who was staying up with Brady, this was at 8:45. LOL. I tried snuggling Brady in the spare bed with me, and rubbed his back while he cried. Slowly he calmed down and fell asleep. After his 1am feeding he was just fine! whew!

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Sarah R said...

LOL, our code name for nursing has always been, "boo". I will ask Andrew, "Do you want the boo?" I just took the "b" off "boob" and it sort-of stuck. :)