Tuesday, September 16, 2008

cloth diapers

so I bought a few last night to give a try, in hopes of avoiding the middle of the night diaper change. (and the leaking thru his diaper too) I got a Happy Heiny, a BumGenius, and a Happy Hempy. Also an assortment of "stuffing". There is a local company in Marshfield: www.naturalbums.com Check out the diapers if you havent seen what cloth diapering in 2008 is. check out the brands I mentioned!

I have always thought I would cloth diaper (pre-baby thoughts), but Chris is strongly opposed so I never pushed it. Still, I would like to try it. He didnt even want to look at them last night! till I said, "fine I will return them- but I plan to wake you up every night at 2am to a screeming/wet baby to change his clothes and his crib sheets". Then he agreed to look at them, and even said they were very soft.

While washing them last night I checked them over, they dont look all that hard to make. I am a decent sewer.... we'll see.


Sarah R said...

Fun! I didn't think I would cloth diaper either, and then DH said we should have done it from the begining. Thus, we bought them when Andrew was 9 months old. We started with a dozen BumGenius 3.0 (OS) and I liked them so much I bought a dozen more. :)

The Ratcliff's said...

we had the same problem (leaking,waking up in the middle of the night to wet baby & wet sheets) we were faithful pampers users until my friend, mom to a boy, told me to try huggies. they make an overnight diaper starting in size 4. now he hasnt leaked once since i switched to huggies. they are more of the "boy" diaper since they have more padding where our boys need it.