Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My 9 month old son

Isnt this outfit just cute? Sunday Brady first wore his cowboys outfit for Uncle Cal. Aww, shoot, I forgot to take a picture. ;-p

Everytime Brady see the door open, he is headed outside.

Grandma Bev and Aunt Shel kept brady entertained at the wedding this last weekend. they were shocked the amount of dinner he ate.
Brady in his "fancy pants", we are borrowing that name from Jen, John and Erin who are also trying out the clothe diapers with thier 5 week old. This is his Happy Heiny, in cow print.

I love this nursing photo. These are the beautiful blue eyes I see smiling at me everyday. That alone is enough "thanks mom". With his finger pointing and his smile, it's as if he is saying "this stuff is the bomb!". (or.... this is tits... LOL)

Brady likes to stand at the tub while Daddy prepares his bath. He likes to watch daddy swirl the water, he bangs on the side of the tub while he waits to get in. Last night they tried bubble bath! It was successful.

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Sarah R said...

These pictures are great! Too bad the Packers sucked the other night. Love the nursing pic! I have a similar on one of my August posts. :)