Tuesday, September 2, 2008

is it me, or them with the problem?

major gripe time! This erks me so much at work! Sure, I am outside working... watering... whatever. I HATE when people pull up in the parking lot, and wave me over to ask me something. AAHHH! Get out of your car, and come ask me your question!

This morning, I had people do this before 11am! Serisously?!?! The first one was just passing thru and wanted to know what a bug was that she had in a jar. Ummm... cant you get out of your car and ask? The second one was needing directions. YOU need directions.... so YOU should get out of your car.

Maybe I look young and energetic? (which I am not, I am exhausted pretty much everyday). Is it that generation? They are usually 65 plus. Is it too hot to get out of the car? Sure, I would LOVE to stand on hot concrete and talk to you!

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Sarah R said...

This makes me laugh, but it does sound very annoying! If someone waved me over to her desk every day at work, I think I'd kill her! :) You're right though, just because you're outside, people think it's okay.

Next time, just wave back and smile and act like you think they're just greeting you. :)