Thursday, September 18, 2008

our night time diaper history

Brady has been wetting thru diapers for months now! We have tried them all! During the day he wears Luv's #3 and does fabulous in them. When he first started wetting thru at night we tried different brands of #4's then didnt work- he wet thru, and for awhile the huggies overnights #4's worked. In the last 2 weekend he has been wetting thru a huggies #4 by 2am! I tried all the other brands.... same results. Went back to #3's- that was a mess! and even tried 5's. still leaked thru!

Does he hold his pee all day, and wait till night? His mama thinks so! Way gross TMI ahead: I wrung the pee out of the soakers 2 nights ago, and it was unbelievable how much pee was in there!

Anyway- last night he wore a Happy Hempy: with this hemp liner: and this cover: IT WORKED (that was one heavy diaper this morning)! He did not wet thru, his skin was beautifully dry this morning too. Downfall, all that stuff between his legs was kinda bulky. Bigger downfall- $$$$$$$$. So, we will try it again- maybe with a cheaper soaker? Before we invest in more of these particular diapers. (I wont have to buy alot of covers, those can be reused, and they dry really fast too.)

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Lisa said...

Did you try Huggies Overnights? Gavin also wets through regular diapers but does well with the Huggies overnights. Might be cheaper than the Happy Hempy?