Thursday, February 28, 2008

all the smiles, back to work soon

I am so lucky! Brayden is such a happy, smiling baby. Just melts me heart! He has started shreiking in delight too, so cute. He will ~talk~ to dad and I for a long time.

I dont know if it is us or him, but we are greatful he figured out the night thing quickly. Maybe us, because we made sure things were dark and quiet when it was time to put him to sleep. And some nights I invested hours to putting this boy to sleep, other nights it was so easy. Sure, he didnt sleep thru the night by any means- but in no time he was falling asleep nicely between feedings at night.

I am sad to be going back to work next week because I am finally able to function! Wish I had more time like this! We are on day 7 (yes! I am counting!) of him sleeping 4-7 hour stretches at night and waking just 1 or 2 times (the night of his shots he woke more often). Stupid me, I expected to be scrapbooking and organizing closets on my maternity leave. With him eating every 2 hours around the clock I was exhausted! Basically it was care for me and baby. Laundry was easy to keep up on, and so were dishes. If I was lucky more would get done. In the last week we have been able to do more! I am really disappointed that no scrapbooking got done as I do that on my winter break every year.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

cutie pie

My family has a tradition of taking a photo on the first day of school each year. This is Brayden after his first day at daycare! Dad took this photo, he smiled much better for dad then he did for mom before his first day at daycare. Glad to see he came home happy! Wait a second... this is the wrong date and that snt the outfit he was wearing! Opps, wrong photo. He is still gosh darn cute though, isnt he?

One of our worst poop messes yet! So fitting that it was in his ~trouble~ shirt.

Our tired man after this shots yesterday. He slept so much yesterday, then he zonked out at 5pm. He woke for 4 feedings, and was up for the day at 7:30! He is still quit groggy today and a bit cranky. We are going to ~attempt~ to run some errands now.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Brayden's 2 month checkup

Brayden weighs 13lbs 1 oz. and is 22.5" long. 75th percentile for weight and 55th for length. He is doing great the dr says! I had a whole list of questions. First about his spitting up. Dr. L is not concerned because of his great growth and that he doesnt have discomfort when spitting up. He siad 40% babies spit up often and it will peak at 4 months because they are becoming more active. I asked him about water to mix with his formula (see post below)- he agreed, no nursery water. All city water is ok, no testing is needed. And well water should be tested, which we did, and that test said it was safe. So we will just use our well water when we want to supliment a bottle.

Brayden has taken a great turn in regards to eating and sleeping habits! Dont know if it is because of the work we have done, or just a coincidence- but we will take it! He feeds every 2-4 hours during the day. At night he goes to bed easier, and sleeps 5-7 hours the first stretch, then up to eat; and back to sleep for 2-4 hours and up for the day. Mommy has been much happier! He has done this the last 5 nights in a row.

We had a trial day at daycare yesterday while I went to work. The day went well! Dad woke up earlier then his usual 10 minutes before walking out door to help us. I dropped Brayden off, and got to work on time! I felt good about the day at daycare. Dad picked him up and took care of him nicely in the evening- even started dinner. Then we both worked together again to get dishes done and house tidied. Even had some time to chill and watch TV.

Monday, February 25, 2008

what a website!

It gives some tips on how to make working and pumping breastmilk work better! Even how to go handsfree with using just rubberbands! Gonna try that one for sure.

Friday, February 22, 2008

working already?

I have been working at spacing out his feedings and ~deprograming~ my "snacker". He is 2 months old, and I really dont think he needs to eat every 2 hours. He just snacks a little every 2 hours, 24 hours a day. Its exhausting!

So, for the past 2 days I have been trying to lengthen that time between feedings. First, I make sure he gets a full belly at each feeding. He always nods off during a feeding, so as soon as he starts to I burp him- that wakes him and he wants more to eat. Then the really easy part- I set my clock for about 2 hours from when the last feeding started. He is an angel for the next 2 hours. But he ALWAYS wants to eat again at that 2 hour mark! I have found that if we put up with about 5 or 10 minutes of fussing, he kind of forgets that he wanted to snack and is content for awhile again. Most times we've held him out till 3, but 2.5 is ok for me if he is really fussy! You gotta start somewhere. Don't worry! we are letting him cry his heart out! It is just a fuss for a few minutes till he forgets what he was fussy for. It really isnt that bad to listen too.

Aunt Shel, who watched him yesterday, showed us a trick of holding him really close (so close the paci is held in by your chest) and bouncing with him. Works really well so sooth the fussing in a few minutes. She got him to fall asleep and take a cat nap, so far I havent had the luck of getting him to sleep. (btw, I got a wonderful massage yesterday!)

So last night, he went to sleep about 9pm. It was 1:45 before he woke! I fed him, put him back to bed and he woke again at 5:15 for the next feeding. I put him back in his crib asleep and I went to sleep too. I heard him making some noises in there- cooing and that sort of thing. But I kept sleeping and let him be. Finally I was ready to wake at 6:45- went in to my smiling baby! I love how smiley his is the morning! He was looking at his mobile and his mirror- just playing by himself.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Interesting thing I learned about fluoride and infants!

There is just so much information out there about what yo should or shouldnt do with your baby. Everyone has a different opinion too, it can be quite confusing! we have a 10 item list of questions for our pedi next week! So Chris and I just take the appoach that we will listen to you, then go do our own research and make our own opinions.

A perfect example of one thing we feel strongly about, is what our babies breastmilk gets frozen in. We are using glass. We feel that hormones and other chemicals are leeched from plastics into the food that is in it when frozen or microwaved. There is plenty of data to back that up, and it isnt that big of a hassle to say glass only for freezing, and no micro! Besides, the micro damage the breastmilk.

Well, one thing everyone tells me differen things about is water for baby. As in water you would use to mix powdered formula with. We are open to supplimenting with a bottle of formula on occasion. We learned from our childbrith class that city was was ok, and well water is ok if you get it tested a couple times a year. But we have heard mixed reviews about that, and after research I am still confused! However, one thing that is clear is that fluoride is dangerous for babies! Especially those found in Nursery Water. I am baffled that it is even sold, and it is marketed to be such a good thing for infants when in the last couple years they have found that it isnt good at all for infants. there is a link to an easy to under stand website that tells you more....

So, besides us saying "no fluoride for Brayden" (we will re-evaluate this after 6 months or a year) we dont know where we stand on the rest. Gonna ask the pedi questions about what water is safe for baby.


I have finally truely felt it! Complete and total love for Brayden. Yes, I am disspointed that it took this long- 8 weeks to feel it (and I feel like I ahve been missing out on it! but not gonna waste time feeling bad about that). It just came over me, and I just knew it was so much love. I actually look forward to seeing him again at night even if it is every 2 hours!

I contribute the delay to PPD, but I have seen things gradually getting better. Before this, I thought I loved him, but now I know forsure that I am totally in love with this little boy. The meds and therepy which started 6 weeks ago seem to be doing what they are supposed to. The dr. and therepist said it would take awhile for things to start feeling normal- it sure has.

It has been easier to relate with Chris too. That has been somehting else I have been working with because of the PPD. I'm so happy things are feeling better there too.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

breast vs bottle

I've been wanting to do this post for awhile now. Finally I got a minute! Before I had my lil
boy I basically thought the difference in breast feeding and formula feeding was just that- the type of milk/nutrition they got. I quickly realized it was way more then that! It's almost a whole different way of caring for your baby.

The breast and breastmilk is a major comfort for baby. much differnt from the bottle. I dont think Brady would be comforted by a bottle when he needs calm down enough to fall asleep as he can by simply placing his check to my breast.

Lets see... we do about 12 feedings a day.... he has gotten maybe 2-3 dozen bottles of expressed breastmilk, all other feedings given by me. So, I have done about 99.5% of his feedings. This can be good and bad. Good because I know my baby so well. He rarely spits up at night. He always spits up the most after his first morning feeding. I have to burp him differently when he is sleeping then when he is awake. If I burp him too long when he is awake he seems to spit up more. He seems to have the same amount of gas pretty much every day- and his gas is worse during the day. He has only woken a handful of times from gas at night. The only food I can say "yes, that gave him problems" is sour kraut. It was clear as day that somehting was very different from his every day gas after I ate the sour kraut and it just isnt worth it to eat that for his sake! And mom doing so many feedings can be bad because that is her getting up at night every 1.5-3 hours! (Speaking of that, it is catching up with me again!) Also bad because dad has to find other ways to bond with baby.

No bottles to wash!!!!! No formula to mix while your half asleep! It's so easy to pull out the boob and snuggle up for a feeding. The snuggles are extra special considering it is winter! Soemtimes being out of the house and figuring out what to do can be a hassle, but we are figuring it out.... stores let you BF in fitting rooms! otherwise we are ok in the car too.

Especially in those first couple weeks, with Brayden cluster/comfort feeding- wow, that was a lot on a very tired mom! From day one he knew who mom was and looked to me for comfort.

As I go back to work we will have to figure out a new routine of what will work well for us. Just pump and bottle feed? pump in day, breast when home? Not really sure! but we will get into a routine in no time.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

mr. independence.

Brayden is changing so fast! He doesnt really want to just cuddle anymore. the only cuddles I get is during feedings and after if he falls asleep. When he is awake he is looking around or doesnt want to be cuddled or sometimes even held!

I had my first day AT work monday. just one day a week for 3 weeks. I had a ton to do so the day went fast and I did not think about Brayden TOO much. I kind of liked the change of pace and a different routine. I even liked letting go of all the control... for lack of better words... of Brady. Every day I am the primary care giver, and have been for weeks- it was nice to see things functioned well without me.

Thursday, February 7, 2008


I figured out how to feed my baby and type with 2 hands! yay! so I am able to get more stuff done online. I started working from home too, as needed to get the work done- so that is good that I can nurse and work.

It sounded like brady discovered his voice last night. I put him to bed around 9, and he woke every 2 hours to eat. around 3:30 he would not stay asleep when I put him in his crib. So I just turned out the light and left him there (sometimes he will fall asleep). Well, he was making all sorts of noises! A coo, a screetchy coo, then a airy sound like he was trying to make a noise but couldnt- lots of silence between. It was sooo cute. I fell alseep, dont know if he did. But around 5 or 5:30 he was crying to eat again, then fell back asleep after that feeding.

I best get some work done now!

Monday, February 4, 2008

So worth it!

See this smile, (and the cute sleeper! I LOVE this sleeper!) this is what makes all the hard times worth it!

Chris and I had a date night. The first time we were both away from baby. MIL and FIL watched him, so we felt he was taken care of well. We had a great dinner, and movie!

a day in the life of a mom with a 6 week old

I should have done this too when he was just born... maybe not on second thought- he would be an only child!

This is a work in progress, I will add to it later today I hope!

7:15- awoke to brady crying (last feeding was from about 5-5:30). changed his diaper and fed him hoping to put him back to sleep as I was tired yet! no such luck, he was wide eyed!

8-10am- Entertained him by cranking his mobile... he smiled BIG when it was moving and cried when it stopped. In the meantime I did dishes from last friday, so I ran back and forth from the nursery to the kitchen till I got fed up with that! (while I was wearing myself out running back and forth to turn the crank on his mobile, I desided that the one at saw at the store this weekend for $35 with batteries and a REMOTE! is a neccesity! he loves his mobile so much. Dad will be all for me buying this mobile I am sure) moved him to a few new spots till I had his bath prepared, and gave him a bath which he screamed thru so it was fast.

10-10:30, fed him and put him to sleep! pumped some milk then put me to sleep too, I am tired, last night we got up a lot.

11:15- Brady woke crying, changed his diaper and he fell asleep on the changing table. Put him in his swing, which is where he is right now- he is somewhat sleeping somewhat awake. I ate lunch, and here I am!

1:15- Brady woke again starving! changed and fed him. Then he hung out smiling at me. He would not let me put him down! I managed to pump while holding him too.

2:20- Feel asleep in my dead tired arms from holding him (he wouldnt let me sit either! we had to sway) so now he is sleeping. I got the new bottles washed, so now we have more then 2 bottles in the house! and the kithen tidied. Dad should be home soon.

3:15- Woke for another feeding and diaper change. Hung out under his mobile again and smiled for daddy! Mommy and dad tidied the nursery and made a list of supplies needed: diapers and wipes! LOTS!

5:00- Yet another feeding! After this feeding Daddy burped Brady while mom made dinner. Brady played under his playmat thing, and sat in his swing looking at the lights.

7:00- dad changed diaper, and put brady's p.j.'s on. Mom's gonna feed him and try to put him to sleep for the night. Try is the key word, we'll see what brady thinks of that!

LOL- 7-9 brady was fiesty! He fed alot and crabby alot! But I finally got him to sleep and me to sleep by 9:30. He slept well between feedings and it was easy getting him to sleep.

11-11:30: feeding and diaper change

1:15-1:45: feedign and diaper change

3:10-3:40: does this boy have an alarm clock telling him to wake and eat every 2 hours?

4:45- 5:15: more feeding and diaper change

6:30: awake for the day! shortly followed by lots of smiles for mom and a diaper change.