Monday, February 4, 2008

So worth it!

See this smile, (and the cute sleeper! I LOVE this sleeper!) this is what makes all the hard times worth it!

Chris and I had a date night. The first time we were both away from baby. MIL and FIL watched him, so we felt he was taken care of well. We had a great dinner, and movie!


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable. Have you gotten comments on who he looks like? I think I see a nice combo of both of you. So . . . when I hear your comment about the onesie, it reminds me that I have to get to the post office. I am so bad with sending gifts. He might be 6 months old before you get it.


Sarah said...

hey amanda- most say he looks like chris. just one person said he looks like me. Remember how I paced when on the phone and moved around alot? He doesnt really like to be in one place for more then 15 minutes or so. LOL- he got that from me!

From your post last week- you should try bfing! Go into it saying you cant consider quitting till after week 3 or 4. It is really hard those first weeks. Finally I am saying that I am enjoying it and finding it rewarding.