Thursday, February 28, 2008

all the smiles, back to work soon

I am so lucky! Brayden is such a happy, smiling baby. Just melts me heart! He has started shreiking in delight too, so cute. He will ~talk~ to dad and I for a long time.

I dont know if it is us or him, but we are greatful he figured out the night thing quickly. Maybe us, because we made sure things were dark and quiet when it was time to put him to sleep. And some nights I invested hours to putting this boy to sleep, other nights it was so easy. Sure, he didnt sleep thru the night by any means- but in no time he was falling asleep nicely between feedings at night.

I am sad to be going back to work next week because I am finally able to function! Wish I had more time like this! We are on day 7 (yes! I am counting!) of him sleeping 4-7 hour stretches at night and waking just 1 or 2 times (the night of his shots he woke more often). Stupid me, I expected to be scrapbooking and organizing closets on my maternity leave. With him eating every 2 hours around the clock I was exhausted! Basically it was care for me and baby. Laundry was easy to keep up on, and so were dishes. If I was lucky more would get done. In the last week we have been able to do more! I am really disappointed that no scrapbooking got done as I do that on my winter break every year.

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