Sunday, February 17, 2008

Interesting thing I learned about fluoride and infants!

There is just so much information out there about what yo should or shouldnt do with your baby. Everyone has a different opinion too, it can be quite confusing! we have a 10 item list of questions for our pedi next week! So Chris and I just take the appoach that we will listen to you, then go do our own research and make our own opinions.

A perfect example of one thing we feel strongly about, is what our babies breastmilk gets frozen in. We are using glass. We feel that hormones and other chemicals are leeched from plastics into the food that is in it when frozen or microwaved. There is plenty of data to back that up, and it isnt that big of a hassle to say glass only for freezing, and no micro! Besides, the micro damage the breastmilk.

Well, one thing everyone tells me differen things about is water for baby. As in water you would use to mix powdered formula with. We are open to supplimenting with a bottle of formula on occasion. We learned from our childbrith class that city was was ok, and well water is ok if you get it tested a couple times a year. But we have heard mixed reviews about that, and after research I am still confused! However, one thing that is clear is that fluoride is dangerous for babies! Especially those found in Nursery Water. I am baffled that it is even sold, and it is marketed to be such a good thing for infants when in the last couple years they have found that it isnt good at all for infants. there is a link to an easy to under stand website that tells you more....

So, besides us saying "no fluoride for Brayden" (we will re-evaluate this after 6 months or a year) we dont know where we stand on the rest. Gonna ask the pedi questions about what water is safe for baby.

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