Monday, February 4, 2008

a day in the life of a mom with a 6 week old

I should have done this too when he was just born... maybe not on second thought- he would be an only child!

This is a work in progress, I will add to it later today I hope!

7:15- awoke to brady crying (last feeding was from about 5-5:30). changed his diaper and fed him hoping to put him back to sleep as I was tired yet! no such luck, he was wide eyed!

8-10am- Entertained him by cranking his mobile... he smiled BIG when it was moving and cried when it stopped. In the meantime I did dishes from last friday, so I ran back and forth from the nursery to the kitchen till I got fed up with that! (while I was wearing myself out running back and forth to turn the crank on his mobile, I desided that the one at saw at the store this weekend for $35 with batteries and a REMOTE! is a neccesity! he loves his mobile so much. Dad will be all for me buying this mobile I am sure) moved him to a few new spots till I had his bath prepared, and gave him a bath which he screamed thru so it was fast.

10-10:30, fed him and put him to sleep! pumped some milk then put me to sleep too, I am tired, last night we got up a lot.

11:15- Brady woke crying, changed his diaper and he fell asleep on the changing table. Put him in his swing, which is where he is right now- he is somewhat sleeping somewhat awake. I ate lunch, and here I am!

1:15- Brady woke again starving! changed and fed him. Then he hung out smiling at me. He would not let me put him down! I managed to pump while holding him too.

2:20- Feel asleep in my dead tired arms from holding him (he wouldnt let me sit either! we had to sway) so now he is sleeping. I got the new bottles washed, so now we have more then 2 bottles in the house! and the kithen tidied. Dad should be home soon.

3:15- Woke for another feeding and diaper change. Hung out under his mobile again and smiled for daddy! Mommy and dad tidied the nursery and made a list of supplies needed: diapers and wipes! LOTS!

5:00- Yet another feeding! After this feeding Daddy burped Brady while mom made dinner. Brady played under his playmat thing, and sat in his swing looking at the lights.

7:00- dad changed diaper, and put brady's p.j.'s on. Mom's gonna feed him and try to put him to sleep for the night. Try is the key word, we'll see what brady thinks of that!

LOL- 7-9 brady was fiesty! He fed alot and crabby alot! But I finally got him to sleep and me to sleep by 9:30. He slept well between feedings and it was easy getting him to sleep.

11-11:30: feeding and diaper change

1:15-1:45: feedign and diaper change

3:10-3:40: does this boy have an alarm clock telling him to wake and eat every 2 hours?

4:45- 5:15: more feeding and diaper change

6:30: awake for the day! shortly followed by lots of smiles for mom and a diaper change.

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alecia said...

you're amazing! i'm a new mom, too. baby is almost 4 weeks old, and we are inspired by you and brady!