Friday, July 31, 2009

to nap on my lunch break, or to blog?

BLOG! I have tomorrow off, I can hopefully nap tomorrow. This week has been crazy. Brady has an ear infection, and there has been lots and lots of vomiting. At this age, he doesnt know why he is feeling icky and comes running to me or his dad to hold him, then... yak.... ALWAYS on one of us. When you have a little sickie, you just cant say "eww, I have puke in my hair, get away from me, I need to shower". It is more like, wash it off best you can and spray somethng good smelling and ignore it.

Early in the week was really rough, Chris wasnt very helpful and very cranky about the situation (brady being sick). The last 2 nights have been wonderful considering we are working as a TEAM and discussing who is sleeping when and staying up with B when. Hope we can keep this team thing up for baby #2! (oh, its our 6th anniversary on sunday!)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

weekend and summer pictures

Because I am braindead and deleted all the pictures from my card (the easiest way to get pictures from my camera to blogger is directly), please visit my shutterfly site. There you will see an update with summer 2009 photos.

(anyone know of an easy way to get photos from shutterfly to my blog?)

Monday, July 27, 2009

dentist and!!

no cavities! This is awesome for me, considering the last couple years I had. When prego with Brady I was very nauseous all the way thru and bushing was very hard. Most days I aimed for once a day. After Brady, severe depression= I dont give a shit about my teeth! My teeth were the worst ever for a really long time! And this appointment they have finally made improvments. :) It didnt hurt to get a cleaning today. Somebody is flossing!

What did hurt was laying back on that chair almost upside down. My lower back is killing me right now!

too much weekend!

wow, I was so tired yesterday from all the weekend! I will post info and pictures later, still getting caught up!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Actually conversation with my husband

me: Chris, you should call my co-workers husband, he has a tiller for sale because they are moving and selling everything.

him: why should we spend money on rototiller now?

me: just call him, get the details.

him: we dont need it now, so stupid to waste money on something we dont need (getting irrate)

me: fine Chris, don't call him. but you know he is type A and takes great care of his stuff, Im sure its not junk.

him: all we are doing lately is spending money, and here we dont need a tiller till next spring! (more irrate)

me: it makes sence to me to buy one now for $75, rather then buy one next spring for $500.

him: why didnt you tell me it was $75, what else do you know?

me: it's red. I think she said something about being troy bilt?

him: Sarah, if someone is selling a troy bilt tiller for $75, you just buy it!

me: but I thought buying something we dont need now is stupid?? your gonna have a heart attack before your 40 if you keep flying off the deep end for no reason.

him: just tell them we want it.

me: call them, maybe it is 6" wide and wont be good for us?

him: just get it

me: now isnt that stupid?

him: fine, you call and ask.

I might have to rename my blog, sarah rambles about her husband. Ugh, the chaos I have to live with. I just want to come home to a calm enviroment!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

he doesnt get it

My loving husband said to me last night while I was giving Brady his night-night bottle and relaxing with him on the chair..... "aren't you trying to take away his bottle?"

My response, was a glare at him and "not until you are on board with the entire plan". He just doesnt get it. I guess next time we will have to put the plan on paper! (or I just ship him out of my house for a few nights) (shipping him out may be nice, since I got no sleep last night because he was snoring so loudly!)

Monday, July 20, 2009

I was fuming, but have calmed now.

So Saturday night I started trying to get Brady off his bottle for falling asleep with. I wasnt successful the first try when he was falling asleep at night, I was afraid he would hurt me or the baby because he was thrashing and hitting the wall, the floor, me..... it wasnt worth it. But, When he woke at night he went back to sleep with just a few cuddles and minor tears. Sunday he fell asleep for a nap with his new cup that he picked out. A few sips, then some cuddles with mommy. Same thing with going to bed at night. It was pretty easy without the bottle.

Well.... at 3:45 Brady woke and fused a bit. We cuddled and 10 minutes later (of fusing) he fell asleep with me on the rocking chair. Then about 30 minutes later he woke up, fusing harder asking for his bottle. I stuck with my guns, and kept cuddling and offering him his new cup that he picked out. He wasnt fusing bad, nothing that I couldnt handle, he was giving in to me. In the meantime Chris got up at 4:15 because he had to leave for work at 4:40. Im telling you, things were going fine, Brady was giving in, but he was still fusing. CHRIS GAVE HIM A BOTTLE 3 SECONDS BEFORE HE WALKED OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so angry, still am really.

I couldnt sleep.... for hours really. So I thought about what to do. Fight Brady and Chris? No. I dont have the energy for that! It is going to make this that much harder on all of us. So, I am not going to wean Brady off the bottle until Daddy is on board wit the plan too. I mean, totally on board.


Friday, July 17, 2009

BIG teeth = BIG boy!

Brady just transitioned from a baby to a boy! 2 weeks ago he sprung (painfully) 4 BIG molars. They look so big and really made him look grown up!

Considering he is almost 19months old, I want to totally get him off the bottle. He only gets it for naps and bedtime. However, daycare EASILY got him off the bottle for the naps. It isnt working for me. I figure this is something that is going to have to take commitment, dtermination and ear plugs on my part (and dad's). However, if anyone has any suggestoins, please share! He uses that bottle to go to sleep.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

some promised pictures!

Next week I am having an uppercase living party, so many people coming have never heard of it! This is one of the two embellishments I currently have in my home above the fireplace. They are so easy and really add to the house!
I wish I got a better shot at the expression on brady's face at fireworks this weekend! He was such a doll/angel! At first he just stared, but later he really got into them.
This is the 4-wheeler Chris bought brady for his 18mo birthday.
Brady makes a horticulturist proud! He is a very didicated waterer! He would not look up at me for a photo, and this kid loves to say Cheese! He did OK not getting the foliage wet, I think by the end of the summer I will have him trained in properly. Lucky for me he loves to water, so then I can pull the weeds and not worry a bit about him running off.

please vomit in my bedroom!

Oh what a week! Brady has had a tummy thing for just over 24 hours. He has had the poo's, and they have been painful. He woke alot last night crying hard, and just not himself. Eventually we broke the rules and put him in bed with us. We were worried about him. Of course, he threw up in our bed. joy!!! He seems to be a bit better today, he is active otherwise, and eating ok. So we are just letting this run its course.

Two nights ago, Oliver (the dog) was vomiting in our bedroom. On the floor, but still.... gross!

So sleep has been broken for both Chris and I, and it ranks high on both our lists!