Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Actually conversation with my husband

me: Chris, you should call my co-workers husband, he has a tiller for sale because they are moving and selling everything.

him: why should we spend money on rototiller now?

me: just call him, get the details.

him: we dont need it now, so stupid to waste money on something we dont need (getting irrate)

me: fine Chris, don't call him. but you know he is type A and takes great care of his stuff, Im sure its not junk.

him: all we are doing lately is spending money, and here we dont need a tiller till next spring! (more irrate)

me: it makes sence to me to buy one now for $75, rather then buy one next spring for $500.

him: why didnt you tell me it was $75, what else do you know?

me: it's red. I think she said something about being troy bilt?

him: Sarah, if someone is selling a troy bilt tiller for $75, you just buy it!

me: but I thought buying something we dont need now is stupid?? your gonna have a heart attack before your 40 if you keep flying off the deep end for no reason.

him: just tell them we want it.

me: call them, maybe it is 6" wide and wont be good for us?

him: just get it

me: now isnt that stupid?

him: fine, you call and ask.

I might have to rename my blog, sarah rambles about her husband. Ugh, the chaos I have to live with. I just want to come home to a calm enviroment!

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Sarah R said...


That's all.

My hubby is the opposite. He buys stuff way in advance if it's a good deal. "It's not like it's going to go bad!"