Tuesday, July 7, 2009

some promised pictures!

Next week I am having an uppercase living party, so many people coming have never heard of it! This is one of the two embellishments I currently have in my home above the fireplace. They are so easy and really add to the house!
I wish I got a better shot at the expression on brady's face at fireworks this weekend! He was such a doll/angel! At first he just stared, but later he really got into them.
This is the 4-wheeler Chris bought brady for his 18mo birthday.
Brady makes a horticulturist proud! He is a very didicated waterer! He would not look up at me for a photo, and this kid loves to say Cheese! He did OK not getting the foliage wet, I think by the end of the summer I will have him trained in properly. Lucky for me he loves to water, so then I can pull the weeds and not worry a bit about him running off.

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