Monday, July 27, 2009

dentist and!!

no cavities! This is awesome for me, considering the last couple years I had. When prego with Brady I was very nauseous all the way thru and bushing was very hard. Most days I aimed for once a day. After Brady, severe depression= I dont give a shit about my teeth! My teeth were the worst ever for a really long time! And this appointment they have finally made improvments. :) It didnt hurt to get a cleaning today. Somebody is flossing!

What did hurt was laying back on that chair almost upside down. My lower back is killing me right now!

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Sarah R said...

I haven't been in in a year, mostly because I've been slacking in the flossing department.

I can brush twice a day, but for a couple weeks, I was dry heaving so bad, I just dreaded it.

At my last appointment, I had my very first cavity ever. It made me sad.