Monday, July 20, 2009

I was fuming, but have calmed now.

So Saturday night I started trying to get Brady off his bottle for falling asleep with. I wasnt successful the first try when he was falling asleep at night, I was afraid he would hurt me or the baby because he was thrashing and hitting the wall, the floor, me..... it wasnt worth it. But, When he woke at night he went back to sleep with just a few cuddles and minor tears. Sunday he fell asleep for a nap with his new cup that he picked out. A few sips, then some cuddles with mommy. Same thing with going to bed at night. It was pretty easy without the bottle.

Well.... at 3:45 Brady woke and fused a bit. We cuddled and 10 minutes later (of fusing) he fell asleep with me on the rocking chair. Then about 30 minutes later he woke up, fusing harder asking for his bottle. I stuck with my guns, and kept cuddling and offering him his new cup that he picked out. He wasnt fusing bad, nothing that I couldnt handle, he was giving in to me. In the meantime Chris got up at 4:15 because he had to leave for work at 4:40. Im telling you, things were going fine, Brady was giving in, but he was still fusing. CHRIS GAVE HIM A BOTTLE 3 SECONDS BEFORE HE WALKED OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was so angry, still am really.

I couldnt sleep.... for hours really. So I thought about what to do. Fight Brady and Chris? No. I dont have the energy for that! It is going to make this that much harder on all of us. So, I am not going to wean Brady off the bottle until Daddy is on board wit the plan too. I mean, totally on board.



Sarah R said...

How frustrating!

I am battling the same thing with Andrew, only with the boob. He gets SO mad and pounds his head against me if I tell him "no". Also, since his crib has been recalled, right now if I try and put him to bed on his mattress, he comes running at the door and starts banging--not just with his hands, but with his head! The other night he had a big bruise on his head because he was so angry. He sure is a spitfire....

Sarah said...

at least it would be hard for Rob to give Andrew your boob behind your back! LOL. I just had to say that!

The head banging stuff is freaky, Brady has started that too- I think Andrew taught him it! He gets so "thrashy" sometimes that I just have to get away from him in fear he will hurt me or the baby.