Monday, April 27, 2009

too freaking lean!

I am hogging down some food while I type.... just finished returning 12 phone calls and got rid of all the customers. Sorry, shall I rephrase? helped all the customers. :-) I am covering the garden center alone today from about 8-5, and have some appreciated help from 5-7ish. I need to take some photo's of my work place-this place is HUGE and I am one of 3 people working onsite. The other 2 are in the main office being bombarded with phone calls and ppl stopping in up there.

Seems to me that we are running just a bit to lean. Some of the phone calls took my 4 hours to return- gotta help the ppl staring at me first! Soem ppl were mad it took so long. I dont blame them- they are calling a retail store, I would expect a return call sooner then later too!

Friday, April 24, 2009

It's my blog- so I am gonna bitch if I want to!

Chris has a way of being extremely insensitive- really, its a guy thing I am sure. But last night was over the top! We go round and round about this same topic at least 4 times a year if not more.

So, I went to bed last night at about 9 or 9:30. I was exhausted, and Brady and I napped for over 2 hours during the day, and the night before I shit you not, I slept for 12 straight hours. I am so exhausted tired lately! The last couple weeks my days off always include a 2 hour nap, and as you can see my my PP, I value sleep more then anything else. This will pass in a couple weeks..... I remember being like this when prego with B. It passes and I will be back to my crazy energentic self in no time!

First- have to give you an idea of a day in my life. I either work 7:45-5:30, or I work 9-7. So, I leave home at 6:45 and get home around 6:30, or leave at 8 and return at 8. I am on my feet for the majority of the day. (last pg I napped on my lunch breaks just to keep up, so far I havent done that) Not just standing, but hauling around plants, chasing down customers, walking all over the place. It tires me out being not pregnant. I work 5 or 6 days a week doing this. (in the spring) In the winter things are different and I really contribute in the house and make up for it.

Chris woke me up last night to call me LAZY. Seriously. Pregnant, mom, manager and spring. WTF. Then of course he walked away. Like I could go back to sleep? I seriously felt like beating him- but I didnt go thru with it. I have never wanted to beat him so badly ever! Lazy. So we argued about this for a bit and decided we were getting no where- and then actually talked about it. He said he should have choose a different word. And when we argue about this he always says "quit bringing work into it, it has nothing to do with you working- everyone works". (he works in town, he leaves home at 6:40, returns at 3:15)

Anyway... it sort of resolved.... he hates the house not being tidy. I understand that, but I am exhausted and value sleep WAY more then a tidy house. Things probably look worse then they are because I just spent 4 days puking and pooping and worked all those days right through it except for 1.5 days. So I could REALLY care less about the house when I got home.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a smidge of ms

I've been feeling a little bit crappy lately. Over the weekend and monday I think I had more of a stomache flu thing going on. Besides that I have had slight morning sickness- but more so at night. Nothing at all like I had when I was pregnant with Brady- so far I can deal with this easily! Havent needed to carry a little plastic baggy in my pocket yet! :-) I am guessing I am 9 weeks... maybey 8, 9 or 10 weeks.... with B ms started at about 4.5 weeks- so I am doubting it will get that bad this time. whew!

Otherwise, Im tired. I value sleep more then anything else! Well, maybe not kisses from Brady. His kisses are so fabulous!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

I like this so much!

that I am posting a link to a ~friends~ blog:

thanks for sharing molly!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

someone please tell my husband-

that it is really ok that a pile of dirty laundry was left on the floor and the house cleaners saw it! Really Chris, it is ok. Did you think about the poop stains in the toilet? Or that sticky spot by the dog dish that we have been stepping over for days? Isnt that worse then a pile of laundry in the corner that should have been put in a basket?

my purpose

For 2009 season I am trying not to work way too many hours- previous years spring has consisted of 60-80 hours/week. 50-55 a week is what will make me the happiest. I intend to work just 5 days a week as much as I can too.

My life revolves around this 16 month old and my purpose in life is to teach him to be the best and most rounded person he can be. My purpose is no longer running a garden center.

It does make me wonder, at what point in time do I resign my position to let someone else who may be more passionate for the job take over?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

What do you repeat too much?

What do you find yourself saying all day long that makes you feel like a crazy person when you sit down and actually think about it?

At home, or at work..... comment me!

Got my CHAIR!

I just went out and bought it! So not cheap me! :-0 Its a lazy boy glider recliner. Smaller then your typical recliner. More like the size of a rocking chair, but the foot rest tucks in. (no worries, I will get pictures!) for now it is in the living room, and I have spent under 30 minutes. Chris has spent hours in it, and I heard him snoring in it last night! I kicked him out!

Those of you that have been to our house..... our green couch in the basement- have you sat in the middle seat? the one that is a single recliner? It is broken down and you feel the bars across your ass. Chris pretty much lived in that thing pre-me. I will not let MY ROCKING CHAIR turn into that!

I might have to move it......

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I dream of booze

Every single night for the past couple weeks I dream of drinking! Last night chris said I woke up screaming- thinking that was during the dream where I realized I was tanked on Honey Weis and pregnant. Most nights I dream of cosmos.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

the BIGGEST goose egg

Brady took a dive into his rocking chair last night. Within a couple minutes this MASSIVE goose egg popped up. It freaked all of us out. Aunt Shel and Uncle Cal were over and we were preparing cobobs to grill. By the time I finished on the nurses line and all the comotion was over the grill was cool and our veggies werent fully cooked. Oh well! At least we didnt need to go to the ER!

Brady is much better today- it looks way better- it is more purple but not sticking out so far.

Here is a video from just after it happened- probably within 10 minutes of the fall! (Brady didnt want that ice put on his head either!)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Dont have a good feeling-

Im not worked up and scared and nervous- but I dont have a good feeling about this pregnancy. I feel absolutely normal. I've been tired at the end of each day- but I also do physical work at my job. I was sick by this time already with my last pg, and I feel just fine. I cant help it, I dont have a good feeling about this, I dont think this little bean is sticking. (dont get me wrong, I am hopeful and want this baby to stick!!!!)

It probably doesnt help at all that in the last year or 2 I have been surrounded by so much loss during pregnancy.