Sunday, April 5, 2009

the BIGGEST goose egg

Brady took a dive into his rocking chair last night. Within a couple minutes this MASSIVE goose egg popped up. It freaked all of us out. Aunt Shel and Uncle Cal were over and we were preparing cobobs to grill. By the time I finished on the nurses line and all the comotion was over the grill was cool and our veggies werent fully cooked. Oh well! At least we didnt need to go to the ER!

Brady is much better today- it looks way better- it is more purple but not sticking out so far.

Here is a video from just after it happened- probably within 10 minutes of the fall! (Brady didnt want that ice put on his head either!)


Cate said...

Ouchies! At least he was smiling after it. What a strong little man you have. Lex doesn't like ice on his boo boo's either, what's with those silly little boys?

Sarah R said...

Ouch! Poor thing....