Wednesday, April 22, 2009

a smidge of ms

I've been feeling a little bit crappy lately. Over the weekend and monday I think I had more of a stomache flu thing going on. Besides that I have had slight morning sickness- but more so at night. Nothing at all like I had when I was pregnant with Brady- so far I can deal with this easily! Havent needed to carry a little plastic baggy in my pocket yet! :-) I am guessing I am 9 weeks... maybey 8, 9 or 10 weeks.... with B ms started at about 4.5 weeks- so I am doubting it will get that bad this time. whew!

Otherwise, Im tired. I value sleep more then anything else! Well, maybe not kisses from Brady. His kisses are so fabulous!


Sarah R said...

M/S is a good sign that everything is going just fine in there. :)

Emily said...

Well if this turns out to be a girl and you have no ms then we will be total opposites! I wasn't sick with Jason but with the two girls I was sick 24/7 from about 3 weeks until the very end! And i your tired, that is a very good sign too. I just remember not wanting anything but my bed!