Monday, April 27, 2009

too freaking lean!

I am hogging down some food while I type.... just finished returning 12 phone calls and got rid of all the customers. Sorry, shall I rephrase? helped all the customers. :-) I am covering the garden center alone today from about 8-5, and have some appreciated help from 5-7ish. I need to take some photo's of my work place-this place is HUGE and I am one of 3 people working onsite. The other 2 are in the main office being bombarded with phone calls and ppl stopping in up there.

Seems to me that we are running just a bit to lean. Some of the phone calls took my 4 hours to return- gotta help the ppl staring at me first! Soem ppl were mad it took so long. I dont blame them- they are calling a retail store, I would expect a return call sooner then later too!


Sarah R said...

OMG!!! *hugs* It sounds super stressful.

Emily said...

YIKES! Lean and green huh? Holy smokes! Hope they get you some more help - that's not good for business either. Customer service is important and I know you are doing all YOU can, but your only YOU!
PS I'd be freakin' pissed! And I'm not pregnant!