Friday, August 5, 2011

I didnt drop off the face of the earth!

Life has drastically changed for the better! I have more time, but you wouldnt think so because I am not blogging like I would like to.

I am firmly planted in my new career. This is tremendously for the better for me and my family. The hours I work are 'normal' and I dont think I could ever go back to working weekends again! Granted I do miss chatting with people about plants, but talking to educators each day is awesome too. My new job suits me well, it is a great match for my personality.

It feels like I have become 'ME' again. :)

What is a post without something on the boys? B is 3.5 and has such a good personality. He is caring and concerned, and a sponge! We have enrolled him in 3K. P is 20 months. He was SO easy as a baby, and things have flipped. Time outs are abundant, and he is noisy! His vocabulary is expanding.

A couple weeks ago, B was crying because he thought Parker was calling him a baby. When we slowed down and listed, he is saying Brady! B just loved that!

Sunday, February 27, 2011


We stay busy, that is for sure. Seems like we are hopping from flu bug to cold, strep throat to flu bug, over and over. It has been a long winter!

PArker is doing very well with the addition of his ear tubes. And Brady is nearly potty trained! (my toilet will never be the same)

Chris is busy in his woodshop trying to stay on top of all his projects.

I havent scrapbooked yet this winter, and it is killing me!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

too long!

I have to get back into this! I havent done my "brady at 3, and parker at one- milestone post!

Want to update quick tho, that we have had a long road of ear infections since October, and we are doing tubes next week! (parker this is!) Hope things turn around for that kid.

Parker's latest- blowing kisses! It is awesome!