Friday, July 16, 2010

safer for us

I have slept with my babies in my bed numerous times, and I have zonked out in my rocking chair with them numerous times too. For me, I think it is way safer for me to put them in my bed with me and here is why.

When I am exhausted and baby isnt sleeping due to ear infection or something like that, and I wanna lay down, we co sleep. First we go to our own bed, without brother or daddy. I put a pillow behind me and I lean back of that so I can safely sleep and nurse. A pillow goes behind babe to so he doesnt roll away. We go in the middle of a big bed, and we dont use blankets. Not once have I had any sort of "close call" of hurting my baby. Seriously, never. With both my boys.

When I fall asleep holding my babies in my rocking chair....... I wont disclose how many times I have dropped them, or have woken up with them in weird positions unsafe positions.

updates galore

crazy. life has been that way.

Parker is on meds for the 3rd time since June 11th for ear infections. I havent slept much in the last 5 weeks. He hasnt had good sleep either, but at least he is a trooper! As for me.... life has been overwhelming, getting on top of me, and functioning/thinking hasnt been going well.
Parker is army crawling! Actually it looks like a frog with broken hips. He is pulling himself all over the house with his arms. Has been doing this for about a week and a half. So I would say he started this at 7.5months.