Friday, August 28, 2009

who was that kid?

Wow! if that was a sneak peak of what the terrible 2's and 3's are going to be, I am terrified! I really did not know who that kid was earlier this week. It was 3 days of temper tantrums, non-stop. Lucky for dad and I, we had the good old Brayden back last night and this morning.

Tracy, B's daycare mom, was struggling with him. He was walking up to other kids who were just playing nicely and smacking them. So she started giving him timeouts. The brady must have decided to beat the system, (I really dont know what he was thinking!) and hit kids then put him self into the timeout chair. So, hopefully he was an angel for her today so she takes him back next week!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

3 hour gd test

The 3 hour gestational diabetes test today was horrible!!!!!! After 10pm last night I ate nothing. B was up from 2:30-5:30 being a monster. I was up with him, because his father was tired (that is a while 'nother post!). I was hungry at 2:30 already. Went to the lab at 8, got my first blood draw- sucked down the sugary drink- and went out to the waiting room to chill for 3 hours total. (every hour they were going to call me in to draw blood).

Just 10 minutes before my 1hr draw I started to feel funny and thought I was gonna puke. I knew I did not want to puke because I would have had to redo this whole thing again. So I got up and started making my way to the nurse in the lab, and she came running to me. Just then I started feeling faint and my legs gave out. We were just 5 feet from a bench so she helped me lay down. I dont think I completely passed out, just laid down in the nick of time! She said I was white and sweaty and she thought I was going down right then.

They drew my blood on time, and lined up an empty room for me in the obgyn dept. They wanted to haul me there right away, but I really didnt want to puke and redo this stupid test (even though I wanted to puke and feel better!!). So I laid in the lab for a bit more, then I was ready for them to wheel me to the room. In there I spent the next 2 hours focusing on not throwing up. I hardly moved because I thought I would lose it! Torture...... After my 2 hour draw I felt a smidge better and was able to take a little nap. then after my 3hr draw the nurse brought me crackers and said she had to make sure I felt fine before I could leave. So I munched on crackers and water for quite awhile- in no time I was feel better. :) She looked up my results while I was there, and I passed this GD screening.

The rest of the day was a waste. I felt weak and just icky. Anxious too for some reason. I was supposed to work the rest of the day, but couldnt. I napped a bit at home, and slowly ate food and drank water.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

27 weeks!

Whoa, I almost missed it! Life has been busy and I sort of forgot that today I would be rolling into 3rd tri. Time is going by so fast. I am feeling pretty good considering. Getting some aches here and there, but I know that is only going to get worse. Baby is very strong already, doesnt kick me often, but really kicks hard!

Tomorrow is my 3 hour GD test, I will post when I know something.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

failed my GD test

crappy, I failed my 1 hour gestational diabetes test. That means, next week I get to go in and do a really fun 3 hour test which I hopefully pass. Nurse said she thinks I will pass as my numbers werent that high. But the test is going to suck!

I take back the previous post!

Brady was such a turkey last night! wouldnt go to bed, then up to play at 2am for a few hours. UGH!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

GOOD night!

Normally it is my job to get B to sleep. We rock and he drinks a bottle, then I carry him off to bed. He will not rock with his daddy if mom is in sight. Last night I went to bed early, and left daddy to put B to bed. Shortly I heard someone trying to get into my bedroom (we have those child proof door things on the door). Then I heard nothing, and nothing, and nothing. I listened for about 5 minutes worrying that daddy was neglecting him and brady was in the corner eating batteries, so I snuck out of the room and peaked into the living room. No brady, so I ask Chris were he was, he said he hadnt seen him in a long time. (very responcible daddy, huh?) I first check the bathroom, a favorite place to play! then the book shelf, and last B's bed. He put himself to bed!!!!! covered himself up and everything. No bottle! It was so sweet! Better yet, he slept till 6am!

I am thinking it helped that momma wasnt in sight, otherwise he would have asked to rock. I really hope this trend continues! This is huge, he is 19months and has never gone to bed on his own, without someone else, or a bottle, or a ride in the car.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cream peas and potatoes

You know those foods that you loved growing up, the ones that was special to your family in some sort of way and no one else "gets it"? My husbands family's thing is Cream pea and potatoes (please do correct me if I am not saying it right!). You gotta eat it when you have fresh stuff from the garden. Peas, potatoes, and quarter sized onions. It is thicker then a soup, but still needs to be eaten with a spoon.
Recently, my husband was planning to make it. (side note, I won't attempt to make this! When I make it, it will never be as good as his mom's. When he makes it, it still isnt as good as his mom's- but then I don't have to hear it! lol) While he was preparing it, his sister who lives just a couple miles away called us looking for some peas because she too was making this. It is impossible to make w/out making a huge pot of. So, Chris suggested her and her husband come by and help us cook and we will have dinner together.
We got it all made, sat down to eat. Chris and his sister Shel ate so much thier tummies hurt. Cal (BIL) and I kept ourselves under control and ate a reasonable amount. We agreed it was good, but not so good it was worth discomfort. So that is when we started talking about the foods our family makes and love. Cal said his mom makes great rice-a-roni meatballs. Shel and Chris said something about Shit on a Shingle (sounds good huh?) mine was cabbage rolls (we have a polish name for them, I have no clue how to spell it, but it is pronounced ga-whum-kee).
Brady got his first try of Cream Peas and potatoes. He made Grama B. proud and LOVED it! Hate to say it, as much as Chris and his sister did. "mooore" "mooore". After the peas, potatoes and onions were gone, he dipped his hamburger and mandarin oranges into the left over cream.
Enjoy the pictures, all you crazy cream pea and potatoe eaters! To my polish clan, we are waiting on some fresh cabbage from the garden so we can make our ga-wham-kee (mom, please provide the spelling!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

misc stuff

We have finally been enjoying some of the great stuff from our garden, and the gardens of others. I love this part of summer! Brady and Chris have eaten all the peas- not that there are many, about 5 pods a day at most- but I think that is the highlight of thier evening- standing in the garden sharing a few peas. I think I have eated 1 pea this whole season! We found a nice neighbor that had green beans for sale, and got lots of them froze for the winter. :)

Chris and I had a big money talk last night. We need to be planning and preparing for my mostly unpaid maternity leave. With B I tried to go back to work at about 8 weeks pt, and it was horrible. So, this time I want 3 months off, no work at all, and we will find a way to make ends meet. But for now, we have chosen to reduce our spending by eliminating a few things. First, our landline. We don't use it! Dr.s call us on it, and telemarketers call us on it. Second, our house cleaners. :( We are just going to postpone them till after my maternity leave. We really dont want to do this. But our plan is Chris is responcible for the floors and tubs. 2 things that are really hard for me to do. Counters, toilets, and dusting are for mine. Tidying is both us daily. Laundry, we have an ok system down for that already. Finally, Chris fessed up to how much $$ he spends daily going out for lunch at work (fast food for gas station). We used to make lunches every day but have gotten away from that. Those 3 things alone, will save us about 300 a month! And, the housecleaners were not even the most costly of the 3 things!!!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Baby Einstein

Brayden is go-go-go, busy-busy-busy. non-stop all day long. Often we will have the tv on in the background but he never sits and looks at it for more then 30 seconds. sometimes a show on Noggin will slow him down.

We recently pulled out the Baby Einstein videos, and he sits still the entire video glued watching and interacting. It is nice to have that 30 minutes or so that he will stay sitting down and watching the DVD while I catch a shower or get something done.

I have heard lots of reports about no tv until the kid is at least 2. Parts of my agree with it, but it depends on the individual kid. Mine wont just sit and watch most things at all. So my opinion is that about 30 minutes a day of stillness cant be hurting him! He is a well rounded little man, he loves to read- that will keep him still for a little while, and he is a very active player.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

mommy/pregnant brain

my mommy/pregnant brain really got me this morning! I woke at 8am, still quite tired (that you hubby for letting me sleep in while you and B watched tv!), thinking I had 2 hours till I had to leave for work. We open at 10. A cup of coffee later, I realized it was 9am, and I was supposed to leave for work NOW! threw off my whole morning loosing that hour I thought I had! made it to work 9:55 someone was waiting at the gate, but he had no idea that I just skidded in.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brady choked

Check out my new tickers! Be sure and scroll all the way down to the bottom to see another one. :)

The other evening the 3 of us were enjoying some m&m's for our afternoon snack. We have never thought of them as a choking hazard (regular, brown bag m&m's). Brady got one stuck in his throat and was choking on it. He was trying to cough, but it wasnt helping and B was turning purple! So I yelled to Chris to do something! He propped brady up on his arm, so his head was lower then the rest of his body and hit him on the back. B coughed up the m&m and threw up some chocolate. He was absolutely fine after this happened and wanted more m&m's! He got water and kissies instead!

It really scared the both of us, but we are happy it was over as quickly as it happened.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Our day together

Because I am working this weekend I have today and tomorrow off. So just the 2 of us are hanging out today! First thing we did after we slept in till 9:30 is made refrigerator dill pickles! Usually my little helper is quite good and focused on the task at hand. His job was to bring the clean cucs from the counter above the dishwasher (by his stepstool), to me at the counter on the left were I was slicing them and packing them into jars. At first he did great and I couldnt keep up with him. Then he started putting the cucumbers all over the house. (after he emptied the tupperware drawer, see behind him in the picture)
After the cucs were done it was snack time. Look close at the picture below and you can see colorful goldfish all over the floor. Brady wanted to share with Oliver. Tomorrow I have to go to the dr. so B will come with. Then I hope to swing him thru my workplace so everyone can see him. And maybe have some time to go out for lunch and the zoo too. Today got away on us, and the laundry did not get done. Nor did the sinks or the bathrooms. (chris is responsible for the floors this week) Gotta make some time for that tomorrow.
I found this poem that I really like, and have to share for other mothers. It really does go by so fast!
I hope my children look back on today,
And see a Mother who had time to play!
Children grow up while you're not looking,
There'll be years ahead for cleaning and cooking,
So quiet now, cobwebs; dust go to sleep.
I'm rocking my baby, and babies don't keep.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My big boy!

Brady melts me heart almost daily. He is so good natured/good intentioned. I hope he stays like this!

This morning I hopped in the shower, totally phasing that I would need a towel when I was done. So, I asked Brady to go get me a towel from the basket. (the basket was just 10' from the bathroom door) Well, he picked up a shoe (his) and brought it too me, smiling. So I thanked him for the shoe, and asked him to go back to the basket and get a towel instead. Back he went and just looked at the basket. So I said, get mommy a blankey! That worked! he brought me a towel! A nice big beach towel! I like to use beach towels these days, to get better coverage over my big belly.

What a sweetie pie! Of course we clapped, and gave kissies after he brought me my towel. Brady is growing up so fast!