Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cream peas and potatoes

You know those foods that you loved growing up, the ones that was special to your family in some sort of way and no one else "gets it"? My husbands family's thing is Cream pea and potatoes (please do correct me if I am not saying it right!). You gotta eat it when you have fresh stuff from the garden. Peas, potatoes, and quarter sized onions. It is thicker then a soup, but still needs to be eaten with a spoon.
Recently, my husband was planning to make it. (side note, I won't attempt to make this! When I make it, it will never be as good as his mom's. When he makes it, it still isnt as good as his mom's- but then I don't have to hear it! lol) While he was preparing it, his sister who lives just a couple miles away called us looking for some peas because she too was making this. It is impossible to make w/out making a huge pot of. So, Chris suggested her and her husband come by and help us cook and we will have dinner together.
We got it all made, sat down to eat. Chris and his sister Shel ate so much thier tummies hurt. Cal (BIL) and I kept ourselves under control and ate a reasonable amount. We agreed it was good, but not so good it was worth discomfort. So that is when we started talking about the foods our family makes and love. Cal said his mom makes great rice-a-roni meatballs. Shel and Chris said something about Shit on a Shingle (sounds good huh?) mine was cabbage rolls (we have a polish name for them, I have no clue how to spell it, but it is pronounced ga-whum-kee).
Brady got his first try of Cream Peas and potatoes. He made Grama B. proud and LOVED it! Hate to say it, as much as Chris and his sister did. "mooore" "mooore". After the peas, potatoes and onions were gone, he dipped his hamburger and mandarin oranges into the left over cream.
Enjoy the pictures, all you crazy cream pea and potatoe eaters! To my polish clan, we are waiting on some fresh cabbage from the garden so we can make our ga-wham-kee (mom, please provide the spelling!)

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Anonymous said...

We sometimes add carrots and beans to our creamed peas and potatoes. I just made it this week. The girls loved it.