Wednesday, August 12, 2009

misc stuff

We have finally been enjoying some of the great stuff from our garden, and the gardens of others. I love this part of summer! Brady and Chris have eaten all the peas- not that there are many, about 5 pods a day at most- but I think that is the highlight of thier evening- standing in the garden sharing a few peas. I think I have eated 1 pea this whole season! We found a nice neighbor that had green beans for sale, and got lots of them froze for the winter. :)

Chris and I had a big money talk last night. We need to be planning and preparing for my mostly unpaid maternity leave. With B I tried to go back to work at about 8 weeks pt, and it was horrible. So, this time I want 3 months off, no work at all, and we will find a way to make ends meet. But for now, we have chosen to reduce our spending by eliminating a few things. First, our landline. We don't use it! Dr.s call us on it, and telemarketers call us on it. Second, our house cleaners. :( We are just going to postpone them till after my maternity leave. We really dont want to do this. But our plan is Chris is responcible for the floors and tubs. 2 things that are really hard for me to do. Counters, toilets, and dusting are for mine. Tidying is both us daily. Laundry, we have an ok system down for that already. Finally, Chris fessed up to how much $$ he spends daily going out for lunch at work (fast food for gas station). We used to make lunches every day but have gotten away from that. Those 3 things alone, will save us about 300 a month! And, the housecleaners were not even the most costly of the 3 things!!!!

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