Saturday, August 8, 2009

Brady choked

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The other evening the 3 of us were enjoying some m&m's for our afternoon snack. We have never thought of them as a choking hazard (regular, brown bag m&m's). Brady got one stuck in his throat and was choking on it. He was trying to cough, but it wasnt helping and B was turning purple! So I yelled to Chris to do something! He propped brady up on his arm, so his head was lower then the rest of his body and hit him on the back. B coughed up the m&m and threw up some chocolate. He was absolutely fine after this happened and wanted more m&m's! He got water and kissies instead!

It really scared the both of us, but we are happy it was over as quickly as it happened.

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Sarah R said...

How scary! Last summer, Andrew was eating a plum and we would always grab it away from him as he got closer to the center and we'd take the pit out. Well, somehow he was eating it faster and got the pit stuck in his throat. He had this terrified look on his face and we tried to get it up, but he ended up swallowing it instead. It came out in his poop the next day.