Tuesday, August 4, 2009

My big boy!

Brady melts me heart almost daily. He is so good natured/good intentioned. I hope he stays like this!

This morning I hopped in the shower, totally phasing that I would need a towel when I was done. So, I asked Brady to go get me a towel from the basket. (the basket was just 10' from the bathroom door) Well, he picked up a shoe (his) and brought it too me, smiling. So I thanked him for the shoe, and asked him to go back to the basket and get a towel instead. Back he went and just looked at the basket. So I said, get mommy a blankey! That worked! he brought me a towel! A nice big beach towel! I like to use beach towels these days, to get better coverage over my big belly.

What a sweetie pie! Of course we clapped, and gave kissies after he brought me my towel. Brady is growing up so fast!

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Sarah R said...

How sweet! I love it when Andrew gets me things. He's just so cute.